Protect the Gray Wolf From the Bush Administration!

In 1945, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service killed the final living wolf in the western United States, on behalf of the livestock industry. Once abundant over much of North America, the Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf nearly vanished into soulful myths and legends.

Nearly three decades later, the Endangered Species Act was signed into U.S. law. Recognized as an integral part of the rugged Rocky Mountains ecosystem, the Gray Wolf was rushed onto the endangered list.  Due to the protections under the Endangered Species Act, the Gray Wolf has been reintroduced successfully in Yellowstone and central Idaho, and has migrated safely from Canada into northwestern Montana.

But the wolf is in danger -- again.

The Bush Administration plans to allow hundreds of gray wolves to be slaughtered on behalf of the livestock industry -- while the Gray Wolf is still listed under the Endangered Species Act! To seal the deal for the livestock industry, the Administration is also seeking to de-list the Gray Wolf entirely, thus removing all protections for this vital being.

The comment period on whether the Gray Wolf should be protected or not closes August 6. Instead of undoing protections for wolves, we should be guarding them more vigilantly than ever before, and continuing to restore them throughout their former range of wide habitats.

Sign this petition to tell the Bush Administration that you want to see gray wolves fully protected under the Endangered Species Act today.

Subject: Opposition to Recent Proposals on the Management of Gray Wolves (RIN 1018-AU53 and RIN 1018-AV39)

Dear Western Gray Wolf Recovery Coordinator:

I am writing in opposition to the two recent proposals by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the management of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies.

I oppose the plans to redefine what are seen as "unacceptable impacts" on elk, deer and other ungulate species (RIN 1018-AV39). The new definition would broaden the term and would open the door for federal predator-control employees to kill wolves for an unacceptably vague and broad range of reasons. This change could eviscerate the Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf population.

I also oppose the proposal that would remove wolves in the Yellowstone area from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (RIN 1018-AU53). Removing them from the endangered species list would result in the slaughter of all but 600 or fewer of the 1,500 wolves in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana using poison, aerial gunning, leg-hold traps and digging up wolf dens and killing pups. The State of Wyoming has appropriated millions of dollars to buy airplanes and other infrastructure necessary for the slaughter of wolves and other predators. Many other animals – including coyotes, bears, badgers, eagles, ravens, magpies, weasels and skunks -- will become incidental victims of poison set out for wolves.

Both of these proposals threaten the future sustainability of the Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf population and the surrounding Rocky Mountain ecosystems.

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