Spanish Government - Pass National Ban On Big Cat Acts in Circuses

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: Spanish Government Officials

Please sign and share this petition worldwide in our continued efforts to stop using big cats in circuses. A recent development in Spain shows a young lion cub that was being starved purposely in order to make it stay small for visitors to pose with in selfies. As a result, this poor animal nearly died due to lack of nutrition.

A four-month old lion cub was kept on a liquid-only diet by the owners of a Spanish circus in order to keep the animal small enough to pose with visitors in selfies; being on this type of diet two months longer than it should. The owners of the circus were charging people $22 each for a selfie with this baby named Magnus. If he were to get too large, visitors would not be able to pick him up for a photo. However, such lack of treatment and nourishment lead Magnus to develop some really serious health issues.

Magnus' health problems is something that he will endure for the rest of his life, such as a shrunken esophagus that will prevent him from ever eating solid foods. Thankfully, he is being cared for by an organization known as Let's Adopt, that can give him what he needs. He went through some surgery and now is able to at least eat some crushed chicken. He has now gone from 24 pounds to 48 pounds and will need special care for the rest of his life; he could never survive in the wild.

Such situations like that of Magnus are not isolated and others have existed where other big cats have been drugged, severely abused while having their claws and canine teeth removed. In fact, two major circus facilities under investigation revealed that they allowed selfies were infected with giardia and ringworm, which can both be passed to humans. Both of these organizations also masqueraded the selfies as part of their “conservation” message. Often times these cubs are taken away from their mothers at eight weeks of age or earlier to be used inappropriately for monetary gain. This is so unnatural because it means that these animals don’t learn tiger or lion social skills and become so over-socialized with and dependent on humans . They can never be released back into the wild.

Help the cats like Magnus by signing and sharing this petition worldwide as we attempt to put a national ban on all circuses that puts these animals in unnatural situations that is harmful to them. As a result of such abuse, these animals could never live the normal life that they are meant to and deserve.

Spanish Government Officials - You need to implement a national ban on circuses and circus facilities! Those responsible for the starvation and permanent health issues of Magnus the cat and other animals that endured unnatural health issues in circus facilities need to be severely punished and banned from ever owning, caring for or working with any type of animals eternally. Stop allowing the running and practicing of all circuses and protect the natural existence of all big cats!!

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