Retire Maggie the Lone Elephant in Alaska to Sanctuary

UPDATE - 10-26-07
Maggie will fly out of Anchorage on November 1st, 2007 with the help of the US Air Force and special permission from the Pentagon!

Full story here!
Thank you all for signing this petition and please celebrate with Maggie, her freedom at PAWS sanctuary!

If you want to help pitch in for Maggie's transport and care costs, donate at

Maggie is going to PAWS !
Thursday, Sept. 13, 2007
A great big Thank You and trunk hug to everyone who signed!  There is no need to sign this petition any longer. It has already been submitted and successful.

Bob  Barker Lends Fame, Finances Moving Maggie

Les Schobert on Maggie

UPDATE 6-6-07 Zoo Board Agrees to Let Maggie Go contingent on her health for air travel. Destination Unknown.  Zoo's press release with outlined contingencies.

For years, groups have tried to have Maggie, the lone African elephant at the Alaska Zoo, sent to a sanctuary where she would not be alone - an essential part of an elephant's well being is herd dynamics and companionship. Rather, they announced she would get a treadmill and stay in Alaska.

UPDATE: Maggie is being "trained" to use her ridiculous treadmill. Please send a letter to the Zoo asking them to retire Maggie to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

It is very likely that Maggie would connect with Flora (who already resides at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee) and who possibly came from the same cull at around the same time from Zimbabwe, according to the African Elephant Studbook.

Poor Maggie collaspes, Firefighters help to get her up

Another UPDATE: Maggie Goes Down Again
Could have swallowed a child's plastic toy.

URGENT UPDATE: The Zoo Board is set to meet next week and are taking comments, which can be sent to

Free Willy Film Maker wants to FREE MAGGIE

IDA's latest update from

June 2003 Report on Moving Maggie

Who are the Alaska Zoo's Board of Directors?

Please visit the link in the first UPDATE above, to find out how to urge the USDA/Aphis Vet Inspectors to get up to Anchorage right away for an investigation.  Also that link has the info on how to call the zoo and city/state officials to urge the zoo to move Maggie to a Sanctuary as soon as she is well enough to travel. Please do not give up on Maggie!

Moving aging zoo elephants to sanctuaries a growing trend

Please call, write or fax the zoo and Politely urge them to move Maggie to a Sanctuary :

Patrick Lampi, Assistant Director
The Alaska Zoo
4731 O’Malley Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99507
907-346-2673 (fax)

Send letters to board members at the zoo’s address

Take Further Action and urge the USDA to investigate and take further Action in moving Maggie

Update 5/31/07 - An unbiased report from KTUU

Update June 5, 2007 - Press release outlining the blatantly bad condition Maggie is in now along with Paul Joslin Ph.D's photo slide show.

Please note signature number 3419 - Air cargo has been offered to move Maggie to Sanctuary.

* Note, your comments for Maggie are are optional but more important than a plain signature and will continue being submitted to the Zoo's Board of Directors until Maggie is relocated to Sanctuary.

In 1984, Zimbabwe president Mugabe ordered a massive cull of elephants. Baby Maggie was orphaned and sent to Alaska, completely opposite in climate, to the Anchorage Zoo.

It was reported for years, that Maggie seemed angry. She lashed out at visitors with her trunk. Years later, her companion Annabelle died of neglected foot rot.

After several years of battling negotiations, the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage recently announced its decision to keep Maggie, the lonely 24-year-old elephant, rather than acting in her best interests by retiring her to a sanctuary. Instead, the zoo has promised to develop a treadmill for Maggie, of which there is no current design or proven success. The zoo’s decision effectively neglects one of Maggie’s most inherent needs—the companionship of other elephants.

Maggie is believed to be the only female African elephant living in solitary confinement in a North American zoo—a shocking fact that requires immediate change. Female elephants are highly social, and in the wild, they live with their families for their entire lives. Although the Alaska Zoo is not Accredited by the AZA, the AZA has expressed concern for Maggie's well-being.The AZA's “Standards for Elephant Management and Care” states, “It is inappropriate to keep highly social female elephants singly.”

In addition, the unsuitable arctic climate requires her to be confined indoors to a barren concrete room for the majority of the year with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Maggie desperately needs to be transferred to either The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (TES)or the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in California, where she would have her choice of companions and ample room to roam in a suitable climate.

One thing will never change for Maggie if she remains at the Alaska Zoo—her solitary status.

Long time zoo director Tex Edwards has just resigned. Detroit Zoo Director Ron Kagan recently released his aging elephants to Sanctuary on ethical Terms. Let us raise our voices to the new Zoo Director to follow in Kagan's lead and RETIRE MAGGIE TO SANCTUARY!


An eye witness saw Maggie in the Summer 2004. She was holding up her feet intermittenly. She appeared to be in pain - a typical characteristic of captive elephants who are not given enough room to get the exercise they need.

The treadmill is being pushed by Dr.Ooosterhauis of San Deigo Zoo, the vet who is in cohouts with Hawthorn and deemed Delhi and Lota to be in good health. (for Delhi and Lota's health reports, visit

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