Please put an end to British Horse Slaughter!

  • by: Karen Mennie
  • recipient: Ben Bradshaw, M.P, Minister for animal welfare - Defra

Please be careful as in the following there are facts and figures that you may find disturbing. If you would like to help without reading on please sign the petition..

Horses have the intelligence of a four year old child, and the sensitivity of an autistic child and we in this country slaughter over thirty - five thousand of them every year, many for human consumption abroad.

Horses like these for no reason other than profit will be driven to a slaughter house and brutally slaughtered 


A horse like this will be shot in the head for a continental to enjoy on his dinner plate

Horses are stunningly beautiful and graceful, but they are also friendly and welcoming creatures. They have been our workmates, our companions, our friends and our pets. They have amused us and entertained us.

Warning, the following is graphic!

Please be careful as in the following there are facts and figures that you may find disturbing. If you would like to help without reading on please sign the petition..

Robin Cook Article

Robin Cook MD (the well known author) in going uncover to a slaughterhouse to research for a book he was writing he described it as “the most terrible thing I have ever seen, both as a medical doctor and as a man”

An extract from his description is as follows.


They are led to the pneumatic “captive bolt” gun containing their final destiny. The shooter will try and take aim as best as he can, trying to hit the panicked and thrashing animal in the forehead (between and slightly above the eyes) the object is not to actually kill, but only to stun the animal but more often than not the bolt will not actually hit it’s intended mark, and must be brutally slammed into the skull again before the horse goes down.

As the horse falls (after a sickening to watch reflexive pain jump) from the induced shock of having the bolt penetrate it’s brain, it drops, this once magnificent animal, knowing it has been mortally wounded and must escape, goes to the only defence it knows against this unknown foe- flight.

It gallops at full speed toward the safe pastures of youth, to a time when a human hand held treats not death. But now, helplessly lying on it’s side on the blood and urine splattered floor of the slaughter house, it’s once fast and elegant legs just thrash helplessly in the air, the beat of its fleet hooves only a distant memory.

The slaughterhouse workers seeing this once powerful and majestic animal in it’s last gallop of death callously cheer it on. The noise is deafening – the smell even worse, the horse has been urinating all over itself since being led unwillingly into this horror, the smell of acrid urine manure and blood-all mixed together makes the senses reel.

If the animal is lucky it dies quickly to be hoisted up it’s carotid artery cut and allowed to hang there till it bleeds to death- most foreign horsemeat buyers prefer there “biftec de cheval” processed this way.
The horse above has a captive bolt hole in its cheek! It is still alive waiting to be processed.

Please help by signing the petition, Thank you!

They do not deserve to die in this cruel and brutal way.

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