Repeal the Death Penalty in California: Stop Pointless Sentencing and Save the State Billions

In the last 30 years, capital punishment has cost California $4 billion. Annually, $184 million is spent on death penalty proceedings. Finally, each execution carried out by the state in the last 30 years cost about $308 million. At this rate, by the year 2030 the death penalty will cost California $9 billion dollars of state money that could be used to support schools and jobs.

And for what? On average it takes over 25 years for a person to be executed after receiving a death penalty conviction. During this time many death row inmates perish anyways. This effectively reduces the death penalty to an extravagantly expensive life-without-parole sentence.

The recent Senate Bill 490 proposes doing away with the death penalty in California in favor of life-without-parole sentences. It would save the state money, and allow the state's funds to be used in more advantageous ways.

Help repeal the death penalty in California and tell Governor Brown to pass Senate Bill 490.
California's death penalty must be repealed. It is both cruel and excessively costly to a state that is already struggling to support itself.

As the recent study showed, capital punishment costs the state $184 million annually. The costs will only to grow to a point there $9 billion of the state's money will go to death penalty-related costs by the year 2030.

Where California could allocate funds for desperately needed school programs and jobs, it wastes money on ineffectual sentences that seldom come to fruition as the interim between conviction and execution is an average of 25 years.

The state would be better served by eliminating the death penalty in favor of the far less costly life-without-parole sentence.

Please help California's economy by supporting Senate Bill 490 and saving the state millions that could be invested in a far more advantageous way.
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