NYC government is ripping off taxpayers through its deficient, despicable animal shelter system and forcing NYC citizens to tolerate a shelter Executive Director that lies to the public and condones the murder of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats daily and even on religious holidays. NYC citizens did not approve the appointment of Risa Weinstock to her current position. She is an appointee from a former administration NYC citizens were glad to be rid of. Risa Weinstock, in complicity with the NYC Department of Health, is employing a scheme of systematic murder-for-expedience based upon an ongoing epidemic in NYC animal shelters, easily remedied and inexcusable by every animal welfare law and ethic and then lies about it. When asked why the NYC Animal Care & Control executes so many animals, Risa Weinstock stated, at a public forum "Because animals get sick. They get very sick," absolving herself and the Department of Health of their complicity in the fact that animals are being made sick in the shelters. The Department of Health takes no steps to remedy this problem, and Risa Weinstock lies for the Department of Health to cover up a despicable scheme of premeditated murder. The NYC Department of Health and Risa Weinstock conspire to deceive NYC taxpayers and manipulate shelter funding.

The NYC Department of Health illegally robbed NYC taxpayers of 2 new promised, fully-funded and twice court-ordered shelters and the funding for them has not been accounted for. While time and space is an obvious issue in NYC shelters, the Department of Health claimed that new shelters are not needed because "the NYC AC&C doesn't kill for space." At a June, 2013 public meeting, when again asked why the NYC AC&C murders so many animals, Risa Weinstock unintentionally exposed the Department of Health's lie and stated "Because we can't keep animals forever. There are space constraints." The NYC AC&C's Board of Directors serves no viable purpose in the operation of animal shelters. The cost of maintaining this Board deprives homeless animals of the care NYC taxpayers pay for, as medications are rationed and vet care basically non-existent. NYC taxpayers and animal advocates are being intentionally deceived. They demand the choice of a shelter administrator they can trust and removal of the NYC Department of Health as overseer of a shelter system that blatantly lies to the taxpayers that finance it and jeopardizes NYC's homeless animals.

As recently as June 14, 2014, Risa Weinstock announced that "no-kill is on track for 2015."  Since then, 6 months have elapsed and as of January 2015 animals are being sentenced to death for time, space and an ongoing epidemicc on a daily basis.  Since this is now the seventh consecutive year that the Department of Health and AC&C have made this no-kill promise, it's evident that an overhaul in AC&C management is ever-more critical.  Lies cannot be tolerated by taxpayers that finance public shelters that intentionally jeopardize homeless animals and lie to the public that finances them.

We, the people that signed this petition that deeply care about NYC's homeless animals demand an overhaul of NYC animal shelters and demand that Mayor de Blasio keep the shelter reform promise he made more than one year ago.

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