Stop Domestic Violence -A Petition for Stronger Judicial Protection Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence thrives when we are silent. Speaking up and understanding the facts is important.

Nearly 5 million women in the U.S. experience physical abuse by their intimate partners every year. Those women who have children with these abusive men now raise children who have the potential to become abusers or abused.

1 in 4 Women experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Men can become victims of domestic violence just as much as women can depending on how the power resides within the relationship.

Each year 2 million injuries are a result of domestic violence and 1300 deaths are caused as a result of domestic violence. 3 women are murdered everyday by an intimate parter who could not escape the abuse of their abuser and most likely had already informed the legal system.

Women between the ages of 18-34 are at the highest risk for domestic violence and there is not enough education in place to prevent it before it starts.

Domestic violence has long-term effects. It can negatively impact everything from mental, emotional, financial and psychological health. Children at risk come from homes that the judicial stystem has failed to adequatly protect. This petition is so important. Please take the time to read through the request.

To Whom It May Concern,

This petition is a request for recognition that there are not enough laws in place to protect against domestic violence. The judicial system currently does not have statutes that recognizes abuse beyond hitting, punching, kicking, choking or the use of weapons to inflict harm in domestic violence situations.

This is a petition to get congress to pass laws that recognizes such forces in domestic situations such as legal bullying, financial abuse, forcing a spouse into acts against their will, intentional lying, framing, demeaning self-worth, financial sabotage through efforts such as ruining credit or stealing money or possessions as crimes punishable by law to garner adequate protection against abusers who are currently protected from our judicial system.

Currently, the judicial laws have no statues that recognize the many different ways abusers inflict pain and suffering onto their relational victims. There are vey few laws in place that allow for judicial protection against many of these forms of maltreatment.

-Reproductive Abuse
-Financial Abuse
-Digital Abuse
-Power & Control Tactics such as Chronic Legal Abuse and/or   -Human Enslavement

   Human Enslavement

Each year millions of people in the world and in America fall victim to power and control games that victimize, humiliate and demean quality of life for the ones who have unknowingly entered these types of destructive relationships.

In becoming a target for such abuses in these types of relationships, there is very little the courts can do to guard against the erosive effects of domestic violence.

By signing this petition you agree there is a problem. Your signature creates power in numbers to create a statute that protects victims who are trapped in domestic violence.

By signing this petition you help offer a solution -- which is our judicial system needs a law in place that protects victims of domestic violence from a variety of different forms of domestic abuses.

By signing this petition, you help prevent further empowerment of abusers through a faulty judicial system. In addition you can help by standing up against discrimination and violence. By learning about the facts and warning signs of domestic violence you help break the stigma given to the victims. Listen to the survivors of domestic violence without judgment. You can donate your time to helping victims overcome their traumatic experiences. And in terms of financial means, recognize that more people than not have been a victim unfair domestic financial mistreatment.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for signing this petition that puts a stop to judicial empowerment of the abuser in domestic violence situations. To learn more about how you can get involved visit

Kindest Regards,

Valerie Harper

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