Stop EBAY Corporation from allowing the sales of animal traps and trapping supplies used to kill !

EBAY Corporation is rapidly becoming the enemy of the world's wildlife by allowing the sale of thousands of traps (I recently found more than 9,000) and trapping supplies for purposes of murdering and torturing wildlife. Please check some items like 261450174645, 251507174297, 181269938068 described as having a 7 1/2 jaw spread, which are recommended to trap bobcats, beavers, wolves, mountain lions, among other species. The international community is trying to prevent poaching and the destruction of our wildlife, while Ebay is helping poachers first by allowing the sale of killing instruments and then by allowing the sale of animals furs, and trophies of  bears, lions, foxes, lynx, and bobcats, among others. There are listings of African lions killed in Tanzania, lion heads, paws and teeth, and monkey furs and hands. It is unbelievable!!!!  Wildlife needs our protection and respect, so please sign and distribute this petition to all animal lovers everywhere. Thank you

Update #33 years ago
EBAY is still allowing the listings of thousands of animal traps and killing accessories. The poachers are also allowed to sell their dead animals as trophies, fur coats. Item 201082418387, African Baboon, 400254136612 Montana lynx, 281322069462 monkey hands, the most horrific items are for sale on EBAY. Please open site HUNTING - traps, take a look at the horrific animal traps, then please contact EBAY directly to stop!
Update #23 years ago
Thank you for signing. I am very sorry to say that thousands of animal traps and killing devises are still sold on EBAY. Please check some items: 181225030856, seller sold more than 500 of them, 181284446698, 191152521417 there are thousands more! Please contact EBAY directly, report the items. tell them to stop murdering our wildlife. EBAY makes it easy to obtain killing and torture devises, delivery at the poachers door step!
Update #13 years ago
Ebay is still allowing the listings of thousands of animal traps and trapping supplies.
Traps designed to close on the neck of the animal and to fracture its spinal column. This creature is considered lucky, because an animal caught in a leg hold trap will frequently chew off its leg to escape the trap, dying in terrible pain. By selling these traps without any control, Ebay is facilitating the killings of thousands of so called non-target animals, from pet dogs to protected species.
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