Tell Dow Chemical: Don't Push Monarch Butterflies Over the Brink!

North America's migrating monarch butterflies are in crisis — their population has plummeted by an alarming 90% in less than two decades. Why? In large part, it's because the spraying of toxic herbicides manufactured by industrial agriculture giants like Dow Chemical is obliterating native milkweed plants these beautiful creatures need to survive.

Monarchs can recover, but they need our help.

Now, Dow has unveiled Enlist Duo, a next-generation herbicide that will escalate the toxic assault on Mother Nature. It combines milkweed-destroying glyphosate with 2,4-D, an herbicide that also poses potentially grave health risks to people.

We're ramping up an all-out campaign of courtroom action and consumer protest to block Dow's newest weed killer before it ravages our already imperiled iconic butterfly populations. Your voice is needed now more than ever.

Don't let monarch butterflies become a tragic symbol of environmental destruction at the hands of corporate greed. Take action today and tell Dow Chemical to shelve its plans to sell Enlist Duo — and save monarchs from tragic decline.
To: Andrew Liveris
President, Chairman, CEO
Dow Chemical Company

I am calling on you to shelve your plans for selling Enlist Duo, a new generation of toxic weed killer, in light of the disastrous threat it poses to monarch butterflies.

The skyrocketing use of glyphosate, one of the key components in Enlist Duo, has already led to a massive decline of milkweed — a key factor in the collapse of monarch populations. With the fate of these migrating butterflies hanging in the balance, we should be coming to their rescue by placing commonsense limits on the widespread overuse of glyphosate. Instead, your company is rushing headlong to introduce a chemical cocktail that combines milkweed-destroying glyphosate with toxic 2,4-D, which poses potentially serious risks to human health.

Escalating a chemical arms race against milkweed that will wreak further destruction on monarchs is simply unconscionable. I urge you to help avert this ecological disaster by holding Enlist Duo off the market. In the meantime, I will be supporting legal action by the Natural Resources Defense Council to defend monarchs by blocking government approval of this dangerous herbicide.

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