Demand an end to trapping, hunting, and hounding Wisconsin wildlife. Strengthen anti-cruelty to anim

  • by: Patricia Randolph
  • recipient: The Wisconsin State Legislature, the governor, the WI Natural Resources Board, and the WI Dept. of Natural Resources

It is vital that you not only sign, but network this petition to summon support from all of your social network.  Please help us - they are destroying our innocent family.  We the human(e) citizens of the world, CHOOSE A LIVING WORLD and FUNDAMENTAL REFORM OF STATE AGENCIES TO A FIRST TIME DEMOCRACY IN FUNDING AND PARTICIPATION OF THE WILDLIFE LOVING PUBLIC (95% of us disenfranchised).  Watch this video for incentive to act:

We the citizens of the world support Wisconsin in strengthening anti-cruelty laws to animals to INCLUDE WILDLIFE, who are as sentient as our cats and dogs.  We declare that all wild animals have the right to exist, to not be harmed by humans, and fulfill their natural role in the natural world.  We demand that Wisconsin democratize wildlife management by replacing killing license oligarchic funding and control of nature for killing with general public funds tied to fair representation for the humane public ( 90% who do not kill wildlife ) in our Natural Resources Board, staffing and humane education in our schools.

Hunters and trappers have lobbied to exempt wildlife, our natural commonwealth, from anti-cruelty laws.  We want our wildlife safe from trapping, hunting, and hounding disruption of fragile ecosystems and a dying planet.

Wildlife creates the web of connection that supports human life.  We are warned that ecosystems are at a tipping point of biodiversity collapse - and that we humans will not survive the current trajectory of disruption of all that is sacred and real.  Wolves, bobcats, bears, lynx, wolverines, coyotes and natural predators are being trophy killed by serial killers, and mid-range natural "fur-bearers" bludgeoned to death by trappers 7 months of the year.  This is accelerating the extinction of our world.  Please organize and get involved in reforming the status quo "good ole white boy system" of destruction.

Citizens of the world - please support Wisconsin in reforming its government to protect the sacred wildlife who are our companions in this short adventure called life.  All animals have the right to exist and fulfill their natural role in the natural world.  We must turn state agencies upside down from being killing brokerages to life protectors.  Thank you for networking this petition far and wide, worldwide.

Update #55 years ago
Wisconsin needs leadership in protecting our wildlife. With a hundred thousand killers vying for 4,750 black bear kill tags and 20,000 wanting to kill wolves and unlimited killing of coyotes over packs of dogs year-round, we are in real trouble. Lyme disease and CWD are exploding in this state. Please help us change the world and stand up for the defenseless. SIGN AND NETWORK! Thanks.
Update #45 years ago
We need to make a determined effort to end trapping worldwide. This is to generate model legislation in Wisconsin to end it at the state level - and stop the merciless mindless attack on our wildlife. Packs of dogs are being used on coyotes and wolves and all wildlife year-round statewide on all public lands -and traps 7 months of the year day and night unmonitored. Please help us push this to 100,000 by signing and networking it relentlessly. Thanks!
Update #35 years ago
The state of Wisconsin , experts in facilitating cruelty, have legalized running packs of dogs and every atrocity including trapping on coyotes day and night, year-round, statewide. I had coyotes in my woods the entire five years of taking in sheep and goats from abuse cases and no problems. The serial killers have killed them all. They are also killing wolves illegally and teaching young children this is so cool. Please sign and get this petition up!
Update #25 years ago
. Please email and post this petition on your facebook page so the world knows what is going on in Wisconsin.

This petition needs to get to a MILLION signatures, because 600,000 people in Wisconsin kill our wildlife, Hounders and trappers rule the state agency for destruction of our wolves, coyotes, bears, bobcats, beavers, and deer - all wildlife is at risk because the department is in the business of promoting killing.

Thanks for helping all you can.
Update #16 years ago
Thank you to all who signed. PLEASE network this petition urgently to ALL your friends and email contacts! We have 2,065 signatures, but 108,000 hunters apply to kill over 4,700 bears this year in Wisconsin.

October wolves will be killed over packs of dogs - coyotes killed year-round 24/7, no limit. Trapping mangles over a million animals per year. Kids are recruited to bludgeon our wildlife to death in traps for $5 - kill all you want.

Please help us!

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