Fight for Access to Basic Health Care for the World's Youngest Children

Across the globe, there is a critical shortage of at least 3.5 million doctors, nurses, midwives and community health workers. This means more than 40 million of the world's youngest children don't have access to a doctor, or even basic health care.

Last financial year the Australian Government committed less than 15% of our aid budget to health programs. If we want to save the lives of millions of children and their mothers, our Government must commit more of the federal aid budget to health workers.

Before this year’s federal aid budget is allocated, urge the government to increase its commitment to health workers for millions of children around the world. Write to your MP and tell them not to forget the world’s most vulnerable children who don’t have access to health care. Your actions can help prevent the needless deaths of these children. Act now and contact your MP.
Dear [Member of Parliament],

At this year’s federal budget call on Minister Carr to increase spending on health workers so more vulnerable children in the world have access to basic health care.

Australia currently commits less than 15 per cent of the aid budget to health, yet more than 40 million of the world’s youngest children do not have access to treatment when they get sick. These children won’t be vaccinated against deadly diseases, and they won’t have access to life-saving medicines.

Across the globe, there is a critical shortage of at least 3.5 million doctors, nurses, midwives and community health workers – life-saving professionals who have the skills and training to help prevent the needless deaths of the world’s youngest and most vulnerable children. Analysis by Save the Children shows that of the two million newborn deaths that could be prevented every year, one million could be accomplished through universal access to the following four interventions, which cost as little as 13 cents to six dollars each:

-- steroid injections for women in preterm labour (to reduce deaths due to premature babies’ breathing problems);

-- resuscitation devices (to save babies who do not breathe at birth);

-- chlorhexidine cord cleansing (to prevent umbilical cord infections); and

-- injectable antibiotics (to treat newborn sepsis and pneumonia)

We need more trained health workers to deliver these life-saving interventions.

At this year’s budget please tell Minister for Foreign Affairs to increase the government’s commitment to health workers in the aid budget.
Millions of children’s lives depend on it.

[Your Name]
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