Boy Scouts: Make Including Gay Kids Your National Policy!

In May, the Boy Scouts of America could decide to allow gay kids to join their troops. Considering that just 10 years ago, the Scouts battled the Supreme Court for the right to continue their policy of exclusion, this is a huge step in favor of equality for young boys in America.

But although the Scouts are contemplating reform, they're still planning to allow individual scout leaders to practice bigotry on a troop-by-troop basis.

Regardless of orientation, all kids benefit from Scout lessons about friendship, teamwork, civic duty and wilderness survival skills. But some will continue to be left on the sidelines based on something they can't control. That's not real progress, and it's not fair to American kids.

Tell the Boy Scouts of America that it's time to bring their entire national policy into the 21st century.
I am writing to urge you to follow through with the proposed changes to your general policy with regard to allowing gay kids into the Boy Scouts of America.

Though I am grateful that you are considering revising the original exclusionary policies, I feel that allowing Scout leaders to continue to keep kids out of the Scouts based on their sexual orientation doesn't actually make for real progress. It will continue to prevent some kids from experiencing the camaraderie, teamwork and important life skills that being a Boy Scout has to offer.

Additionally, if troop leaders change from year to year, gay Scouts could find themselves left on the sidelines as their friends and troopmates continue to grow.

I urge you to please make inclusion of gay Scouts part of your national policy and to not let individualized bigotry ruin the Boy Scouts.
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