Child Free Tax Free, sustainable futures for sensible people

Welfare spending is 12% of the federal budget. Our taxes paid to schools are in the THOUSANDS per year and this is not only for those with children but for those who are purposely child free. Being sensible in a planet with limited resources is highly important. We need to stop this huge deficit that is caused by the millions of people having children for tax breaks and welfare fraud.

Things like unemployment are only paid out to those who have PAID INTO THEM and this excessive spending on purposeful child making is out of control. This petition is in hopes too make our future a more sustainable one with intended effort, that means we must be more stable in our use of government spending on programs that are proven to be ineffective and proven to have a large percentage of fraud leeching off of our hard earned  tax dollars.

Millions of people every day are saying that having a child is a great tax break and that they can live off of the government forever if they bring babies into a country where over 130,000 orphans are already living with no hope of ever finding homes. Can we afford to keep doing this to our planet?  This is completely unfair to those who want to HONESTLY think about the SUSTAINABILITY OF OUR PLANET.

This petition is in hope of making the Standard Deduction higher for the child-free and to allow us to not be paying for what we have not caused.  If you have children then you have made a choice, and that choice should mean you pay for the schooling, health care and living supplies for your children, not for the tax payer to have another bill tacked onto our backs when we are doing what we see is Right to make this planet a SUSTAINABLE ONE WITH EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE. Freedom of choice should also mean we are free to say NO TO WELFARE USERS WHO HAVE CHILDREN TO SCAM THE TAX PAYERS.

High school children today are saying that when they get out of school their dreams are to have kids and be on welfare! Has that ever been said in generations before now?  Today, thanks to reality tv making teen moms look like rock stars we have an EPIDEMIC on our hands! As TAX PAYERS it is OUR PROBLEM TO SOLVE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Sign this petition and share it with your friends to make this BLATANT MISUSE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS COME TO AN END!

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