Send a Warning to the African Mosquito Population

It's time to let the African Mosquito Population know that we're going to fight back. By breeding out-of-control and spreading a parasite that causes malaria, these mosquitoes are wreaking havoc on many African countries.

But not for long. By adding your name, you will be sending a message to the mosquito population, to let them know that the UN Foundation and our Nothing But Nets campaign have a secret weapon: long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets.

When these nets are hung around a bed, mosquitoes can't bite a sleeping child, and if they try, they will be killed by the insecticide. This can help prevent more than one million children from dying every year from malaria-related deaths.

Send your warning to the African mosquito population today!

To the African Mosquito Population,

It has come to our attention that your species has been wreaking havoc in many African countries. Not only have you been breeding out-of-control, but many of your species have been spreading the parasite plasmodium. Plasmodium causes malaria, and for us humans, it can be deadly.

In fact, your handiwork causes more than one million children in Africa to die every year. You can lay up to 200 eggs at one time, but we humans may only have a few children in our entire lifetime.

So, in all fairness, we wanted to send you a warning. We've come up with an easy and cost-effective way of keeping you away from our families at night: long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed nets. Hung properly around a child's bed, bed nets will prevent you from landing and biting. Not only that, but the insecticide will knock you dead.

You've been warned. The UN Foundation and Nothing But Nets are going to cover an entire continent with bed nets, and I'm joining the fight.


[Your name]

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