A Controversial Petition- Age Discrimination

  Though it is a controversial issue, the abolition of age discrimination and laws based upon the raw ages of people will one day come to an end.
   One of the more unorthodox things the American Rights Association believes in is putting an end to stereotyping and laws based upon age. We think that, instead of setting up a universal age to determine adulthood, citizens should have to pass a certain “maturity test” to become adult. Currently underage (this word can actually be offensive to some people) citizens should be allowed all access to previously denied products and services- liquor, cigarettes, pornos, etc.
   The ARA supports this issue for a few reasons:

1. It is ridiculous to place 17-year-olds and 5-year olds both in the "children" category- if the government is going to make laws based upon raw age, they should at least add a group between children and adults to make the transition smoother and more realistic. No one becomes an adult overnight. No one becomes an adult overnight.

2.  A 16 year old who is called a child may feel offended if he is mature in every other way besides law, because it would seem that it would not matter how mature a person was, but whether the government considered them adult.

3. It is silly to call a 36-year old who wants to marry a 17-year old a "child abuser" because;

A- Just because the couple happens to be doing something illegal doesn't mean that anyone was intentionally trying to harm or abuse* anyone.

B- Child abuse and pornography mean that the victim is PREPUBESCENT- 95% of 17-year olds have been through puberty.

C- It is ridiculous to say that a 17-year old would be damaged but an 18-year old would remain unharmed- no one matures overnight.

D- It is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Period. If there were a problem, then it would be the victim's responsibility to speak up.

E- If you establish a certain "adult cutoff" age, and assume that everyone under it is a child and everyone over it is an adult, then you have created a problem- now an 18-year old can be punished for having a relationship with her 17-and 3/4 year-old boyfriend- this is why, even if you did make laws based upon raw age, there at least needs to be the acknowledgement that people mature GRADUALLY. Even if the government still upholds the statutory rape penalty for now, it should at LEAST be okay for a "minor" to have a relationship with someone no more than X years older than they are, if the person is older than 18.

4. It is prejudice** to assume that someone under a certain age is automatically too immature to date whoever they want, use certain facilities, etc.

5. Most of the laws regarding age are off even if you were to stereotype. For instance, MOST 15-year olds ARE able to handle power tools, even though some stores do not sell them to anyone under 18. Many 22-year olds ARE NOT educated enough about alcohol.

6. It is wrong to assume that someone over a certain age is mature enough to drink, vote, join the army, etc.

Don't be afraid to sign this petition because it deals with an issue that is never considered, and, even if it was, would never be taken seriously- slavery, women's rights, and civil rights were all considered taboo at times...until now!

Read about AGEISM and ADULTISM! Although adultism deals more with respecting children and treating them as adults, rather than redefining the actual definition of adulthood, there are good articles connected to this link.

The ONLY THING that can constitute abuse is if the abuser's initial intent was to cause harm, or if they knowingly continued their actions AFTER BEING TOLD BY THE VICTIM that the victim was being mentally or physically harmed.


SYLLABICATION: prej·u·dice
NOUN: 1a. An adverse judgment or opinion
formed beforehand or without knowledge
or examination of the facts. b. A preconceived
 preference or idea. 2. The act or state of holding
unreasonable preconceived judgments or convictions.
See synonyms at predilection. 3. Irrational suspicion or
 hatred of a particular group, race, or religion. 4.
Detriment or injury caused to a person by the preconceived,
unfavorable conviction of another or others. 
TRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: prej·u·diced, prej·u·dic·ing, prej·u·dic·es
1. To cause (someone) to judge prematurely and irrationally. See synonyms at bias. 2. To affect injuriously or detrimentally by a judgment or an act. 
ETYMOLOGY: Middle English, from Old French, from Latin praeidicium : prae-, pre- + idicium, judgment (from idex, idic-, judge; see deik- in Appendix I).

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