Left Behind Terrorist Training Material

The "game" Left Behind: Eternal Forces was rated by an independent rating board that lacked the proper perspective necessary to approve the game's content as TEEN. This material was conceived and produced by a group of religious organizations that are backed by christian fundamentalists who by their own confessions are preparing for a war here on U.S. soil. These fundamentalists believe greatly in this coming Apocalypse and consistently state that it is "coming soon". They are using the games motives and content to rally their own forces here on U.S. soil.

This petition asks for the re-rating of the game and that the makers and backers of the game be investigated for violations of the U.S. Patriot Act.

Here is why:

A. By having a TEEN rating the game is available for sale to children under the age of 17 who may be mislead by the content. It is the opinion of the makers of the game that this "Apocalypse" is coming and they present this as if it were factual. A TEEN mind should not be burdened with trying to decipher whether their allegations of a coming Apocalypse are truth or fiction. Parents take their children to church, and parents should have to buy their children this game due to its MATURE content and goals.

B. The laws regarding terrorism in this country should be applied equally to foreign and domestic groups of EVERY religion and cause. Had Al Queda or some other Muslim/Islamic organization produced such a material and began distribution through mosques they, and those that back and fund them, would be under immediate investigation by the FBI and the DHS. Right-wing Christian organizations are NOT EXEMPT from the laws of this country!

Those recommended for investigation are: Troy A. Lyndon, Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins, Jeffrey Frichner, Rick Warren, Beverly LaHaye and the organizations in which they represent.

AUP Article on Terror http://www.aupagans.org/leftbehind

----- Pagans Say Game is Terrorist Training Material -----
Stanislaus County, CA (AUP) - When Al Queda flew two planes into the World Trade Center it left a dark gloom over New York City, but that gloom wasn't half as bad as the dark and dismal representation displayed by the game "Left Behind: Eternal Forces". The game, released as sneek-peek in December 2005 and final cut in November 2006, is a strategy game that sets the apocalyptic stage for a war between good and evil. The gaming community boasts, "The object of the game is to convert heathens, Muslims or Jews; if they don’t come over to your side, you can kill them."
The Left Behind game, as well as the Left Behind book series and the Holy Bible, teaches that a very REAL war is coming and it is just around the corner. The game further teaches how to recruit militia and gives guidance on various other militant strategies. Not unlike Al Queda, it teaches players that there are rewards for them in heaven if only they can gain enough spirit points to get there. It also teaches that there is only one side that one can choose and win.
Will Hatfield, President of The Association of United Pagans, says that the game is just what it states it is, "a strategy game". But, it is a strategy game that he thinks may very well be a training material for christosupremist terrorists in disguise. Hatfield goes on to say, "The game teaches today’s children and tomorrow’s generations of a coming war here in the U.S. between good and evil; a war that the makers of the Left Behind books and strategy game believe is real, their prophecy clubs and churches believe is real and so do the majority of the people who buy and play the game."
    "We will not be safe here as long as the worst weapons
    can fall into the worst hands" - Rep. Rick Larsen (D – Wash)
In the wrong hands and with the right guidance, "Eternal Forces" could be used as a weapon. Hatfield opines, " This is a weapon that can, in our opinion, be used to brainwash the children of the U.S to hate heathens, Muslims, Hindus and Jews", He goes on to state, "With a stockpile of weapons like this, all it takes is one fanatic to hit the switch to the Apocalypse; not an Apocalypse involving angels, but rather one built by man and produced by Left Behind and its associates."
"What we've decided to do is embed our message in a game so that it's not overt but it is in the game," Left Behind Games President Jeffrey Frichner said. Frichner further states, "We're not ashamed of it. There are Scriptures in the game and we're faithful to those Scriptures."
"The comparisons are simple," says Hatfield, "Al Queda teaches of religious wars, the conversion of militants, rewards in heaven, infidels taking over the United Nations, prayer for forgiveness of murder. So does the game. While Al Queda is stuck with obsolete versions of “Flight Simulator,” “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” sports some very advanced battle tactics." Left Behind will be releasing the sequel to Eternal Forces this year boasting an even more powerful graphics engine and plenty more of the End of Days.
    "Our first and highest duty as members of this Congress
    is to protect the American people, to defend our homeland
    and to strengthen our national security," - Majority
    Leader Steny Hoyer (D – MD)
Here in the United States, we have the right to Freedom of Religion. As American people, whether Pagan, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or Christian, we have the right to have our religious preferences protected equally. This doesn't just include protection from foreign invasion, but includes protection from domestic terrorism as well.
Those opposed to this game that would like to see it banned from stores in the U.S. and the producers investigated further are: The Association of United Pagans, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, The Christian Alliance for Progress, CrossWalk America, The Beatitudes Society, The Center for Progressive Christianity, Talk to Action and the Campaign to Defend the Constitution.
For a very compelling comparative view of the game, please see the article at The Association of United Pagans entitled "Terrorist Training Videos OK for Christians?" http://www.aupagans.org/leftbehind
The Association of United Pagans as do the majorities that consider themselves Pagan, stands for unity, peace, love, wisdom and enlightenment. Together, The AUP is commissioned to educate the public on the true beliefs behind paganism, to assist fellow pagans in achieving wholeness and to nurture one another’s own individual paths. The AUP also seeks to provide a centralized database of all of the pagan organizations and groups throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The registry will provide details on the group, their pagan genre, a brief mission statement and other valuable information.

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