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This January 1, 209, take the KING PB Challenge, it's fun, easy, and makes a huge impact to our planet and your health!



"  Heart Disease is the #1 killer in the USA in men and women and with so many cardiologists recommending a plant-based diet to prevent and reverse heart disease, I've decided to step up to the KING PB-Challenge!  If you are challenged you must "veganize" one meal within 24 hours.  That means no products from an animal including honey, milk, butter, eggs, or meat.  Check out your local grocery store for great Plant-based alternatives to all those products and more!  Get creative, search some websites, share your recipe, pictures or videos and tag 5 more friends who should be up for the challenge!  See how delicious it is get healthy and add plant-base options to your menu.  All funds raised from this challenge will go to KING Charter, a school pioneering heart healthy education for children and future generations.  So tag, share and go green to save the planet and each other! If you refuse the challenge,   #kingpbchallenge "


^Be sure to copy that above paragraph when nominating new people so that they know what to do and where to go for more help!


Do you realize that we are destroying our

rain forests, our planet, ourselves and one another?

Do you recognize that eating a plant-based diet can help with so many issues facing our planet, our health and beyond?  

We are a group f parents and professionals applying to open the very first 100% plant-based PUBLIC school in the USA.
We are in the process of preparing our presentation to t Pinellas County to open King Charter School.   Once approved, KING will be entitled to receive county funds for each enrolled student.

KING will both teach the value of human stewardship of the environment and celebrate cultural diversity through tri-lingual immersion in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.   Learning languages stimulates brain development in children and our program will make communication possible for our students possible with nearly three billion people on our globe.  We believe that foreign language fluency can bridge cultural differences and build understanding.


We intend to target economically under-privileged communities and to welcome children with special needs.


youtube video on the benefits of early languages for babies and children

Research has established the  degradation impacted by the animal agriculture industry on our planet.  We recommend watching the film  Cowspriacy for further insight,

There is growing awareness of the health benefits of a plant-based diet and the impact of a plant based diet in alleviating medical problems.


These are health opportunities we want to give to children, who otherwise would likely be left to become consumers of food-industry mandated food misconceptions and ill health.  Let's start helping children succeed by providing them with honest research and information that will help them make healthy decisions in their future. 

We need modest funds now to complete the charter school application process, about $5,000.  Those funds will be used for legal help, financial review, and budget development.  We anticipate upon school opening to receive about $7,000 per student in government educational support.


Though the county will provide ongoing financial support per student once the school is operational, they will not provide startup funds which will cover such things as hiring staff, training, book and supply purchase, furnishings, facility lease etc.  .  

It is our goal to become the first of many schools to follow across the United States based on a vegan philosophy.  These schools can be established wherever charter schools are permitted.  


Every donation helps!  Consider sharing the KING Project with your social media contacts, groups, friends and family.  Spread the word! Act!


The King Charter School Project




Read more about eating plant-based:


Films about a plant-based diet:

  Forks Over Knives


  What the Health


  PlantPure Nation


Sites for medical facts


Update #38 months ago
On December 10th, PCSB denied our application for being vegan. So, we are appealing it AND resubmitting it. This all needs to happen by January 13th for the appeal and January 30th for resubmit.
Here is how you can help:
1. Write to Pinellas County School Board members at
2. Write to the Florida Board of Education at
3. Please send us ( a copy of the letter so we can include it in our appeal and in our resubmission.
Thank you!
Update #21 years ago
Thanks for signing the petition for the first plant-based PUBLIC school IN THE WORLD! We need your help now to raise funds. This video explains our plan and mission and is just 4min long
Please help us achieve this goal, even if you can only donate $10 or if you can help spread it to companies and philanthropists who will be eager to support such a cause. Let's make public education plant-based for kids
KING Charter Team
Update #12 years ago
Please be sure to share KING plant-based trilingual school petition to your facebook wall and get any family, friends to sign the petition. This small amount of effort can really help us. It takes a moment, please make it a priority! We are over 400 signatures total, help us get to 1000 if we all join in. We healthy, plant-based foods and we want better education, now help us get it done! It takes a village to raise a child, help be the village for all these kids to come! SHARE, SHARE SHARE!
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