Demand the U.N. stop its continued sponsorship and promotion of Islamic terror. Demand the U.N. to stop its consitant biased stand against the democtatic State of Israel. Demand the U.N. to form a commission of inquiry chosen by Israel and the United States and made up of Israeli and U.S. military experts to determine why Palestinian bomb factories, weapons shipments, and other terror maneuvers were allowed to operate freely and openly under the UNRWA without any objections, condemnations, or resolutions. Demand to know why the U.N. has stopped functioning as its Mandate dictates, and has instead become a vehicle for legtimizing Islamic terror against democracy and its civilians. Demand to know why there are countless resolutions condemning Israel and Zionism, and self-defense, and none condemning Islamic terrorism against Israel. Demand to know why there are no resolutions condemning any other country as often as the State of Israel.
Secretary General Annan,

We, the undersigned, citizens of the FREE world, demand the United Nations, and its affiliated organizations and committees, to immediately stop the constant promotion, propagation, and sponsorship of Islamic terrorism against the democratic State of Israel and her citizens.

We demand the United Nations to immediately and without delay establish an independant commission of inquiry whose members will be chosen solely by the Prime Minister of Israel and the United States President, to determine why illegal weapons shipments, bomb factories and other terrorist maneuvers were allowed to openly and freely operate and function in the Palestinian controlled territories under the aegis of the UNWRA without any objections or condemnations from the UNWRA or the U.N. This time, the plea of ignorance by your organization or UNWRA will not be met with silence.

We demand to know why the United Nations has hijacked a democratic process of voting and turned it against the United States and Israel, to promote and propagate terrorism by Muslim dictatorships.

We demand to know why the U.N. deliberately lied to the world when Hizbollah kidnapped and murdered 3 Israeli soldiers, claiming ignorance of the matter? Why did the U.N./Unifil who were stationed there as "peacekeepers" hide evidence from the families of these soldiers? Why did the U.N. collaborate with a known terrorist entity instead of respecting the wishes of a paying member of the U.N.?

We demand to know why Palestinian terrorism, suicide murder, and constant state sponsored media, mosque, and school incitement, practiced in every Muslim dictatorship against the Jewish and American people have not been condemned by official U.N. resolutions.

We would like to know why Israel has been consistantly singled out for condemnation in your resolutions, inquiries, and Racist Conference in Durban. Surely, the mass murder of 2 million Tibetans by China deserves greater attention from you than Israel's actions of self defense against a murderous and unrepentant terrorist entity, known as the PLO and rehabilitated as the Palestinian Authority .

We demand to know why the Palestinians receive a disproportionate aid package that other countries with greater populations and dire need are denied.

We demand to know why our taxpayer money given to the Palestinian Authority to build schools, roads, hospitals and commerce has been used to barbarically murder Israeli and American civilians,build terror factories and incite a whole generation to the mass murder of Jews,without any accounting or condemnation from the U.N. or its "Human Rights" Commission.

We demand to know why Communist China is not held accountable for the destruction of the Tibetan culture in Tibet, extermination of 2 million Tibetans, humiliation of the indigenous Tibetan population including Buddhist clergy, destruction of Buddhist monestaries,and the illegal invasion and occupation of Tibet. Why have you not formed and sent inqiry committees on behalf of the Tibetan people to investigate the massacres as you are so fond of doing to investigate alleged "Israeli crimes" in self defense maneuvers?

We demand to know why the murders in Rwanda, the slave trade in Sudan Of Christians by Muslims, the apartheid practices of many Islamic dictatorships have not been given the attention they rightfully deserve.

We demand to know what the cause of your obsession with the democratic State of Israel is that you continue to ignore the serious and dangerous plight of Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus oppressed by the Islamic dictatorships whose voice you solely represent.

We demand to know why the U.N. has not condemned the barbaric Muslim terror attacks on Hindus in Kashmir and India.

We hereby give you notice that you are in violation of the Mandate for which you were created. The U.N. has become a mouthpiece for the legitimization of Islamic and Communist terror.

We will not be silent while you denigrate and belittle the savagery that has been unleashed upon the democratic State Of Israel and her citizens. We will not be silent while you pass resolutions promoting terrorism againt the sovereign State of Israel and issue biased condemnations when she defends her existance.

We demand the United Nations and its affiliates to immediately cease its racist, anti-Semitic, fascist, and primitive policies. When we say NEVER AGAIN, we mean it. This time we will not be silent. This time, the victory will be ours.
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