Animal Cruelty To Gain Fur Fashion Is Not Right

  • by: Kendra Terry
  • recipient: FICA National Headquarters, FICA
This petition has been created to try and stop or even lessen, the amount of helpless animals who are being brutilized and murdered for their furs to be worn for fashion. Go to"" to read more information on fur farms and muders of innocent, helpless Chinchillas/ and Minks. The above URL will bring you to a page that broadens this abuse in much detail. Below are some excerpts from the article posted on the above URL.
Info provided by: FURISDEAD.COM
There is NO EXCUSE for FUR
"For small animals, neck "snapping" or "popping" is easy and cheap. The owner of one farm that PETA visited wraps the fingers of one hand around the neck of the chinchilla, grasps the lower body with the other hand and jerks the animal’s vertebra out of the socket, breaking the neck. Neck-snapping takes just a second, but for "about five minutes" afterward, according to one rancher, the animal jerks and twitches. It might take two minutes for an animal to become brain-dead from cervical dislocation; in the meantime, as shown in our investigator’s video, she or he kicks and struggles."

Little Animals, Big Suffering
"During genital electrocution, the killer attaches an alligator clamp to the animal’s ear and another to her labia and flips a switch, or plugs the wire into the wall socket, sending a jolt of electricity through her skin down the length of her body. She jerks and stiffens. But, according to biologist Leslie Gerstenfeld-Press, although the electrical current stops the heart, it does not kill her: In many cases, the animal remains conscious. The electrical current causes unbearable muscle pain, at the same time working as a paralyzing agent, preventing the victim from screaming or fighting. A chinchilla farmer who uses genital electrocution told our investigators that he leave the clips on "for one or two minutes" to make sure the heart doesn’t start up again but that sometimes animals revive and those who do remember the pain. In front of our investigators, one rancher unplugged the animal, listened to the heart and said, "Nope, still beating," and plugged the cables back in for another 30 seconds."
Fur Farms should be stopped for the wrong doings they make these poor animals go through, and companies like this one "FICA" should be closed for the fur distribution to the public. It's very wrong. It is never right.
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