Oppose the rezoning of the Conference Center at Valley Forge

The Residents of Schuylkill Township oppose rezoning the 47 acre Conference Center located at 1485 Valley Forge Rd. from the present Low Density housing R-1 to a High Density housing classification.  The property is presently owned by University of Valley Forge (UVF).

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6 March 2017

To: Schuylkill Township Board of Supervisors
From: Concerned Residents of Schuylkill Township
Re: Proposed Rezoning of 1485 Valley Forge Road

We, the undersigned, are writing to inform you of our opposition to the rezoning of 1485 Valley Forge Road, a 47 acre parcel formerly owned by and known as National Christian Conference Center.

Background: The present owner, the University of Valley Forge, has recently submitted two proposals to the Planning Commission and Township Supervisors which require a change of zoning from its present R-1 low density residential classification to a C (commercial),  APO (apartment, professional office) or some hybrid zoning classification.
We respectfully ask these proposals be rejected due to the  negative effect on the health, welfare and safety of the community and adverse effect on the aesthetics, neighborhood character, and natural resources of the township.

Other major concerns:

  • Significant impact on dwindling pristine open space within Schuylkill Township. The loss of a natural habitat corridor for area wildlife resulting from the clear-cutting of present pristine untouched landscape.

  • Significant impact on the character and quality of our neighborhoods.

  • Negative impact on property values.

  • Increased traffic, noise, and negative impact on the overall quality of life to the neighborhood and township.

  • Health and safety hazard to Valley Forge Rd Rt 23 including adjoining neighborhoods Sunwood Farms and Weyhill.

  • Increased hazards to Flintlock Lane/McKinney Lane via potential new road access required to service the newly developed property

  • Inevitable increase by property occupants use of "Emergency/Service Road".

  • Increased foot traffic via Flintlock/McKinney Lane as a result of granting "Emergency /Service Road use only" to new access roads.

Our property owners care deeply about their neighborhoods, the surroundings, and about what is happening in our community as a whole. Considering the potential of a rental type community being developed, traditionally, these communities do not share this vision. This is a great concern to property owners in our area.

Homeowners in the nearby neighborhoods purchased their homes with the understanding the conference center property was designated Low Density use. To rezone this property now would be unfair to these property owners.

Additionally, there are many unknowns surrounding this proposed zoning change. The University of Valley Forge is asking for a rezoning to an unspecified mixed use. The development company,  Endeavor Property Group, has little experience in this type of residential community development. There also has been little neighborhood engagement to gather feedback from the whole community. This entire process must be transparent and include full public participation and approval.

The Phoenixville Regional Planning Committee including Schuylkill Township has stated that it will work to preserve open space, natural resources and agriculture in the region and that it will address the specific needs and unique conditions of each municipality in the region.

The Phoenixville Regional Planning Committee Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2008 states the following about the conference center parcel of land:

  • Map 2-1:  Existing Land Use Map:  Institutional(school, churches, etc.)

  • Map 2-2:  Future Land Use Map with Natural Resource Overlay:  Low Density Residential(0.33-1 DU/AC).


  • Additionally, in 2009, the Schuylkill Township Supervisors and Planning Commission approved the targeting of a number of properties for future potential open space preservation or conservation easements.  The conference center was listed as one of the properties.

The Township Supervisors as well as the Planning Commission appear to have skipped over these points and have encouraged UVF to pursue their expansive land development plans for the 47 acre parcel. The neighbors do not support any change in zoning and believe that the UVF proposals are NOT in the best interest of the neighbors of Schuylkill Township or its environment and any proposed changes should not come at the expense of the good, long-standing, hard working residents of Schuylkill Township.

The homeowners of Flintlock Lane, McKinney Lane, Valley Forge Rd, Sunwood Farm and Weyhill along with Schuylkill Township have significant financial investment in their homes, properties and neighborhoods. We are all fully invested in Schuylkill Township and have much skin in the game. UVF made no investment in the purchase of this property, having received it as a gift from the Hobby Lobby Stores Company.
We, the people, feel strongly that these proposals must be rejected and the Supervisors should only consider proposals which will create designated open space and retain the R-1 zoning classification. We encourage the Board of Supervisors to utilize the tax dollars collected for acquisition of lands for Open Space in Schuylkill Township. We ask you to act on Behalf of the Residents of Schuylkill Township as our Fiduciary and not in some group's special interests

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Concerned Neighbors of Schuylkill Township

We welcome your comments and questions to stimulate and clarify our opposition to these proposals.

  • PLEASE Sign the Petition to show the Township Supervisors our solidarity and objections.

  • PLEASE attend any upcoming meetings to give voice regarding this property.

  • PLEASE forward this petition to concerned neighbors and friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor phone app, etc

  • If you would like to be kept up to date regarding upcoming meetings or news regarding the property, PLEASE forward your email to Care4SchuylkillTwp@gmail.com

Schuylkill Township Board of Supervisors

Email supervisors@schuylkilltwp.org

Let's get the word out!

Thank you.

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