Remove Prager University's YouTube ads!

Prager University describes itself as a conservative nonprofit organization, they make videos on YouTube that are usually around 5 minutes long and feature a speaker talking about conservative issues and politics. These videos often play as ads before YouTube videos, and the videos are often leaning to the extreme side of the right, and and feature extremely offensive content, including hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Prager University has already gotten backlash and had an ad removed and a video demonetized by YouTube for transphobic content. Some of their more toxic videos include one of the speakers frequently featured in their videos giving a speech he would like to see given in our Public Schools, in the speech he explains why racism is apparently not a thing, and why encouraging diversity is a bad thing. He also suggests that our schools should ban any club or event based on the gender, sexuality, or race of the students involved in that club. Which would mean banning school pride, eliminating clubs for LGBT youth which very well could be the only support system that person has, and limiting the free speech of students. And another video that explains why the feminist movement is toxic, which features sexist animations, promotes the idea that all women are good for is having babies, and says, to quote the video exactly "feminism turns first-rate women into second-rate men".

Prager University videos are alt right propaganda being made mainstream in an attempt to make the right seem more apealappe to younger audiences. While I'm not suggesting that we should obstruct the creators at Prager University's right to express their thoughts and opinions online, I don't think YouTube should be showing these videos as ads. Many people do not agree with Prager University and do not want to support them by giving them views and intern giving them Revenue, and I feel due to the offensive of nature of many of Prager University's videos and toxic nature have some of their messages, YouTube should stop showing them as ads.

Should the goal for signatures be met on this petition I will present it to YouTube in an attempt to have Prager University ads removed.

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