We The People DEMAND the right to dental services in states that will not support overall health care

  • by: La Shea Johnson
  • target: Governor Bentley of Alabama, Mayor Tommy Battle, and the federal Government

Not being able to care for your teeth leads to heart disease and eventually death. Certain states have opted out of dental care for those receiving Medicaid, the children are covered but the adults are not. Being poor is more than a choice position, it is a large part of the caste system and is a manmade way of killing off those that cannot afford the healthy prices it would take to care for their overall health. For this reason "We The People" are making our voices heard and looking for a positive response.

Good afternoon family, did you know that not being able to care for your teeth leads to heart disease? It's true. Did you further know that some states don't allow those using medidcaid to be able to take care of their teeth? This is the type of government we live in: Doctors that prescribe medications that can kill you ( the commercials with lawsuites due to the incompetence of the medications or treatements after the fact) when you're trying to get better. With the pharmacuticle Industry and jacked up prices, and c-student doctors at the helm for the poor (doctors that will not inform you of the risk of different medications).

In my opinion, there should be a price menu for all treatments (just as there is a price for anything thing else shared in a consumer based world), this would ensure the public of taking great care of themselves because the treatment would cost so much. There is also the egregious state regulations put upon the poor not to have access to dental treatments, ability to afford healthy foods (healthy foods are more expensive), and to live healthier lives.

We would like for the governor of Alabama to change things so that overall healthcare can be available to those that can not afford it.

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