Sophie The Calf Must Be Saved From Slaughter And Returned To Her Sanctuary!

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  • recipient: Braglio Farms - Randallstown, Maryland

"WARNING - Disturbing Video Of Deadly Threats Made Against Sanctuary Owner Ryan Phillips And His Family"

On April 22, 2019, a young calf was rescued and brought to our sanctuary Life With Pigs by someone who found her in a condition that appeared to be hours away from death.  

She was thoroughly covered with lice, wounds and her body was so emaciated that it appeared to be little more than skin and bones. She was weak, coughing and her breathing was shallow. And her hooves were peeling suggesting malnourishment and poor shelter/grazing conditions.

We named her Sophie, and instantly set to work trying to help her.

The local veterinarian who saw and treated her confirmed that in order for her to be in such a condition, those formerly responsible for her must have been negligent in caring for her and her well-being.

Love and attention quickly turned Sophie from a suffering calf 'on death's door' to a lively, happy, and adventurous little girl who loved her new family of humans and non-human animals. Everything had turned around for her.

But on May 7, 2019, our home and sanctuary was raided by Baltimore County Police. They said they had a search warrant for a 3-month-old Angus calf. As officers stood around, I described to the main detective the condition Sophie was in upon arrival and asked to show pictures but was told they had already seen them online. My family and I were told to stay in one area and not move while they photographed the property and searched the house and yard for Sophie. Trying to explain the neglect she suffered had no effect. Fifteen minutes later, Sophie was taken away in a rope lasso by an officer and returned to where she had come from.

We then discovered that Sophie had come from a 'local' farm and and butchery in Woodstock, MD called Braglio Farms that is marketed as 'family run', supplying 'grass fed', 'true farm to table', 'all natural' 'beef' and 'pork'.

No justification was ever given for how the farmer showed the calf belonged to him since she had no ear tag or markings. And no answer was given when asked if any proof would be obtained before she was returned. And no effort was made to ensure the abuse she clearly received at the hands of Braglio Farms would be prevented from happening again.

My family and I are deeply disturbed not only by what Sophie endured but by the heinous threats, we are now dealing with. We have spent large sums of money adding to our security and safety here due to the clear and detailed threats of the farmer (including ensuring any activity near or on our farm sanctuary is captured on surveillance video). The farmer was calmly and peacefully contacted in an attempt to negotiate Sophie's return, yet he refused. Our wish still is that she would be safely returned to us. We grew to love and care for her so deeply. 

Ryan Phillips ~ Life With Pigs Sanctuary

"Please Visit Sophie's Support Page On Facebook, Thank You" 
Friends Of Sophie Action Network

'Video Showing How Sophie Was Saved From Near Death During Her Short Stay At The Sanctuary'

*UPDATE: ABC news affiliate confirms Dangerous Threats made by Briglio Farms against sanctuary operator Ryan Phillips. 
ABC News Story And Video

Update #428 days ago
Sophie still has a chance please share these links, Thank You.
Update #311 months ago
Thank You everyone for signing and sharing this petition, I'm glad 140,000 good people care about the individual lives of the farmed animals slaughtered by the tens of billions each year.
Please follow the 'Friends of Sophie Action Network' facebook page to keep up with the ongoing protests to have her returned to the Life With Pigs sanctuary that saved her life, important links to these sites are available in the petition.
All charges against the person who rescued her were dismissed.
Update #2about a year ago
Thank You for helping this Petition reach 55,000 signatures in one week, please see the link added to the Petition which contains AUDIO RECORDING of THE DEADLY and OBSCENE THREATS made by THE FARMER who took SOPHIE from the SANCTUARY. !!
It’s hard to believe the police could ignore this blatant abuse.

We hope that by continuing to share Sophie’s story with the world, Braglio Farm will do the right thing and return Sophie to the sanctuary. Her human and non-human family miss her dearly.

Update #1about a year ago
ABC news affiliate 13/NEWS NOW confirms deadly threats were made against Ryan Phillips who operates Life With Pigs sanctuary, after their reporter listened to a recorded phone conversation between Mr. Phillips and Roman Braglio, owner of Braglio Farms.
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