The Daily "Moment of Silence" in U.S. Schools

  • by: Orah Shapiro
  • target: George W. Bush, Honorable President, US Presidency; GEORGE W. BUSH, THE HONORABLE U.S. PRESIDENT, U.S.FEDERAL GOVERNMENT
Without question, strong moral fiber is essential to success, no less than academics. Some parents need assistance in teaching their children healthy morals. The Lubavitcher Rebbe writes that public schools can assist by instituting the daily "Moment of Silence".
The Lubavitcher Rebbe writes that it is the responsibility of government to assure that each child be provided the opportunity to learn the "essentials" that he needs to reach his or her fullest potential. Thus we see that our Nation's schools have been assigned the task of seeing to it that ALL of the essential components of a child's success be required learning while he is a youth and legally required to attend school.

The Rebbe says that there is a moral code that is INTRINSIC to the success of each child, as well as to the continued success of our Nation as a whole. It is the principle that, this Great Nation was founded on and continues to exist, as a direct result of the kindnesses and blessings showered upon it from an Intelligent and Creative Force that watches over, guides and protects it and every individual that makes up its citizenry.

The Rebbe points out in his letters that this component is no less essential to an individual's success than reading, writing and arithmetic, and that by the very fact that it is left out of our schools' curriculums, our children are growing up with the idea that such a principle is not important, let alone essential.

Of course, it is the job of each child's PARENT to instill this consciousness into his and her child, BUT because NOT all parents have the means to pass along this important principle to their children through associating with institutionalized religion, the institution of a daily "Moment of Silence" in our Nation's schools will (1) offer to our citizenry the OPPORTUNITY FOR ACHIEVING THE ESSENTIAL REALIZATION that there is an IMPORTANT SPIRITUAL COMPONENT to life's successes and failures, and will (2)RAISE THE QUESTION by our Nation's children TO THEIR PARENTS, "What should I be thinking about during the 'Moment of Silence?' "

It is the responsibility of our government and the job of our schools to ASSURE that none of our children be neglected on this point, by seeing to it that ALL of our children have the OPPORTUNITY FOR REALIZING this ALL-IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE AND COMPONENT OF SUCCESS!

The above points have ongoingly been taught by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, both in his private audiences and in his public addresses throughout his lifetime. They can also be found today, not only in his personal letters to inquiring writers from around the globe, but also throughout his books, writings, and public papers.

The Honorable President George W. Bush awarded The Lubavitcher Rebbe in the '90s for the Rebbe's MAJOR contributions in many areas of education throughout the world.

History has shown that there is much at stake on this question.

It is time that we reach down deep into the heart of the matter, and correct this flaw; otherwise, what has history taught us?
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