Regenerate Our Good Earth

  • by: JoAnn Spreitzer
  • recipient: George W. Bush, President, United States of America
Habitat II Participants Choose Not To Participate in Regenerating the Planet
This planet was not created by man, but for mankind; the hazard of pollution is the result of man's desecration to our earth's ecological sustenance.

The unique properties of Perfect Science formulas have proven to acclaim significance in all areas of environmental criteria. We have procured abundant evidence, supported by accomplished facts, that our revolutionary formulas will jump-start an eco-system clean up.This technology is a dynamizing influence on toxicity that magnifies conditions to generate bio-nutients, the building blocks of life. Our formula controls the destiny of pollution to an eco-fertilizer, if you will. There is no lesser of two evils involved; we will not move it from place to another, removing pollution from one area and relocating it to another. We will not bury it with soil, or with other elements, thereby polluting the atopically placed substances as well. There is nothing to lose but the pollution itself! Let’s close the book on this abomination for once and for all!

We are able to return the value of polluted land by enriching the toxic soil to bloom fields of algae-like plant life. We will have water so taintless, people will swim without threat of disease, and be able to fish without consumption advisories. Forest fires burning out of control will now be immediately extinguished, eliminating costly, non-effective methods of battling those flames. Any conveyance, which utilizes fuel, will utilize every drop as significant, with no by-product or waste.

We extend an invitation to you, Mr. Secretary, as well as all who participated in Habitat II (and every human being who would prefer to breathe purified air, drink, bathe, swim, cook and fish in clean, disease- free water and live, work and play on soil enriched with bio-nutrients), to participate in a concerted effort to regenerate our good earth, resurrect the paradise of our habitat for our children of the future.

The United States chose NOT to sign agreement to employ these measures to restore our deserved habitat at time of delivery of this letter.

The Undersigned,
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