ASPCA is killing animals, ask and care2 to either put pressure on them or recons

  • by: alaria lopez
  • target: To and care2 teams.

ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is killing animals, ask and care2 to snoop on it and decide if they actually are a responsible choice to be offered in redemption points.

Before you are even afforded the opportunity to realize that your cat is missing, indeed before you even got home from work that day, your cat is no longer yours. That is what Maddie’s Fund, HSUS, the ASPCA, shelters across California, and even some rescue groups are proposing in this state. That is what Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program is proposing for a Florida community. That is what Dr. Kate Hurley of the UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program is advocating. And other shelters are picking up the call to deny you the right to reclaim your animal from the local shelter, as well.

ASPCA, and other shelter lobbying organizations and shelters, stated that whether or not shelters chose to implement alternatives to killing should be left up to the discretion of the individual shelters; in their own words: they “remain at the discretion of each community to choose whether and how to implement.”

In New York, the ASPCA proposed a bill
that animal lovers dubbed the “The Quick Kill Bill,” a bill which granted shelters authority to kill animals
immediately upon intake, overturning protections for animals that had been in place in New York since the

When a statewide survey found that 71 percent of rescue organizations reported that they were turned away from New York State shelters and then those shelters killed the very animals those groups offered to save, the ASPCA fought to maintain the status quo, defeating legislation that would have given rescue groups the right to save at private expense.

HSUS, Maddie’s Fund, the ASPCA, UC Davis, the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program, and other cat “protection” groups and cat “advocates” believe your love and your relationship with your cat are meaningless and are not worth even a single day to find him/her if she gets lost. It is obscene, tragic, and wrong.

For that reason and care2 should put pressure on ASPCA to go kill free, and look for kill free animal welfare organizations having a clean profile with no abuses or scandals, that would add some alternatives in credit redemption.

Tell and care2 to reconsider ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as a choice to redeem butterfly points, as ASPCA has a dubious profile supporting laws and practices that actually kill many non human animals. Tell them to put pressure on ASPCA to go kill free, and to offer alternatives to them.

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