Stop the NRA's Lead-poisoning Legislation

There's nothing sporting about poisoning bald eagles. Yet legislation the Senate will vote on this month, the "Sportsmen's Act," actually prevents the EPA -- the same agency that got lead out of paint and gasoline -- from protecting wildlife, and families that eat game shot with lead ammunition, from lead poisoning.

We have days to make a difference. Call your senators today at (202) 224-3121. Ask them to oppose the lead-poisoning legislation.

More than 250 organizations in 40 states are calling for regulation of lead ammunition. Toxic lead continues to enter the food chain through bullet fragments. Bald eagles, endangered condors and more than 130 species of wildlife are poisoned or killed by lead. Effective, nontoxic bullets are widely available and at comparable prices to lead -- there's simply no reason to continue to use toxic materials for hunting.

Send a letter and call the Senate switchboard now at (202) 224-3121 to tell your senators to oppose the Sportsmen's Act.
Dear [Senator],

I urge you to remove the lead-poisoning provisions from the Sportsmen's Act (Senate Bill 3525) or vote for the Boxer amendment, a reasonable compromise that would further study lead poisoning from hunting ammunition while preserving our federal toxic law. The lead provisions in the Sportsmen's Act ignore sound science and perpetuate needless lead poisoning of wildlife such as bald eagles, condors, loons and swans. The bill would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing federal regulations intended to protect wildlife and people from preventable lead poisoning.

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Although lead poisoning has been reduced by removing lead from paint and gasoline, each year thousands of tons of spent lead enter the environment from lead shot used in hunting and lead fishing sinkers. Lead fragments in shot game also enter the food chain, taking a deadly toll on wildlife. Lead ammunition also poses unnecessary health risks to people; lead bullets fragment extensively and spread minute particles of toxic lead throughout shot game. Hunters then feed this toxic harvest to their families.

There is now a wide array of effective, nontoxic bullets, shot and fishing weights available and in many cases comparable in price to lead.

The bill intends to strip the EPA's authority to regulate or even evaluate toxic lead in ammunition and fishing gear under the Toxic Substances Control Act. This legislation ignores the mountain of scientific evidence that lead ammunition and fishing tackle are the major sources of lead poisoning in more than 130 animal species.

Please allow the EPA to keep the regulatory tools it needs to prevent the annual deaths of millions of wild animals and protect public health. Sen. Boxer has proposed a reasonable compromise: Remove the proposed exemptions for lead hunting ammo and lead fishing tackle and place a two-year moratorium on any regulation by EPA while a comprehensive study is completed.

Please vote to remove the lead-poisoning provisions and support the Boxer amendment, or vote no on the Sportsmen's Act (Senate Bill 3525). Please also make sure this poisonous legislation is not attached to other bills.


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