Utilize only Non-Animal Products in Major League Baseball

  • recipient: George Bush, President of the United States of America, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
Utilize non-Animal products in Major League Baseball, Inspire, lead children into non-cruel behavior. Mature adults needs to be responsible for their actions that influence Children. Animals are and could be slaughtered, needlessly, when synthetic products could replace leather.
This petition is about in Major League Baseball that inspires possibly millions of Children worldwide, that can be seen in Children trading baseball cards of their favorite players. Millions of People attend The Baseball Games each year and Children want baseball mitts to play baseball and receive baseball mitts as gifts. Leather is used in the production of many mitts, with Baseball Stars signitures. The Baseball People responsible for influencing Children, need to be responsible and mature in accounting for their actions that influence children. Millions of Animals are killed yearly for leather. This cruelty of leather and other Animal products does not need to happen and neither does the pollution in the environment caused by the production of leather and Animal products. We need to show Children non-cruel behavior that is accepted in this modern age, that is responsible. Study the information at PETA.org, thats People for Ethical Treatment of Animals for information and pictures of the devestating cruelty that is going on behind the scenes that Childen usually are not exposed to, when products of leather and other Animal products are made. We as a civilization are intelligent enough to make products that are non-cruel and environmentally safe, not toxic to the Life around us and ourselves. We are Mammals just as these Animals that are used to make leather, they bleed, breathe, suffer common diseases, nourish from milk and experience pain. Mr. President, as leader of the Executive Branch of the People of the United States of America, we ask that you do what is possible to have this cruelty put to an end in Major League Baseball of using Animal products and for you to deliver this petition to the proper authorities whom shall resolve to have this issue of cruelty ended, be it the Comissioner of Major League Baseball and/or Congress of the U.S.A. etc... We thank you for being in the position of office to handle this cause of promoting Peace. We need to witness that Major League Baseball, denounces the usage of all Animal products that are used in baseball, and give an oath to eliminate cruelty by stopping the usage of Animal products and promote Peace by all Baseball Players forsaking the use of leather and other Animals products in Major League Baseball.
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