#justiceforBino❤️ our loved family member. Demand Justice for Bino and to take this man's guns away and his CCW license

My name is Pete Palmison
I'm sorry if some of this doesn't sound perfect it's hard for me to think about it.

There was an eyewitness to this whole incident.

Our next door neighbor was walking his dog along the property line. my dog went over there and they started playing. Something happened and they started getting aggressive. He pulled out his gun took one shot at my dog and missed my dog started running away he continued firing emptying his clip. Where Bino was laying was off his property 3 feet from the road and there was bolt holes in the embankment in the road.The man could have shot somebody's child wife or husband that was driving by. There was no reason to keep firing at Bino after he was running away. I was around the corner of the house when I heard the dogs starting to get too rough I yelled his name and started going towards them. and that's when I heard all the gunshots and the last couple shots I saw the man. my dog has been over to his house before he's petted it and his son has played ball with my dog because they can't do that with their dog his whole family has petted my dog. His aunt even told me oh yeah we're animal lovers it's okay if he comes over and sees us. The Ohio law States you cannot shoot another dog even if it gets aggressive with your dog.but the sheriff's have not done anything in over a week he still has his guns my wife and kids are afraid. The sheriff made it sound like he's allowed to shoot my dog because the dog was on his property. And that's what I told the sheriff not when he turns and keeps firing as a dog's running off his property. We have the surgeon's report that says the one bullet entering the loan my dog's ribs going along the outside of his ribs into the shoulder and then the lodging in my Bino's neck. The surgeon told me the way the bullet wound ennard and traveled that my dog was running away from whoever was shooting him. His dog has a scratch on his leg and a scratch on his ear. binos laying here with me now not knowing if he's going to keep his leg. The bullet went through nerves the surgeon said they might have to remove his leg. Beano also has two other dogs living with him, two rabbits, three cats, two ducks, and 6 chickens, he plays with every one of these animals. including the ducks and chickens they actually follow him around the yard. He wouldn't hurt nothing all he wants to do is play and chase balls.
So please help me get Justice for Bino.

my name is Pete palmason you can see videos and pictures of Bino on my Facebook page.

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