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Due to the recent euthanasia of a Golden Retriever at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter, petitions, letters and phone calls are being made in an effort to "reform" the shelter.  IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

Some myths about dogs need to be put to rest and facts need to be brought to light!

People assume incorrectly that a dogs temperment is primarily shaped by how you raised it.  You have heard people say "there no such thing as bad dog's, just bad owners" or "It's all how you raise them".  These statements are not only inaccurate; it is unfair to the animal.   Temperment is primarily influenced by genetics; You cannot raise a Border Collie to be a high security guard dog and you will not get a Cocker Spaniel to work rough stock.  A Lab wont win a dog race and a Greyhound wont lead the blind.  Environment can and does influence a dog's behavior as certain traits can be encouraged or discouraged.  Please make a mental note that a genetically shy or aggressively unsound dog cannot be fixed no matter how much that high priced behaviorist tries to convince you that it can.  It is equally ignorant to assume a Pitbull will attack unprovoked and a Golden or Lab Retriever will not. 
Rescue /adoption centers such as Brookhaven animal shelter are expected to take in, with no restriction, animals that have been abused, neglected, abandoned and surrendered.  They are then expected to medicate, vaccinate, spay/neuter, handle and care for these animals until they find good permenant homes.
Rescue is an unforgiving business.  The shelter like many rescue organizations, operates on minimal funding and is under staffed, overworked, over burdened and filled to capacity.  Rescue is time consuming, physically and mental draining and is an emotional roller coaster of right's and wrong's  and do's and dont's.
If the dog is a "bite dog" regardless of its reason (aggresion, protection or fear), it is a danger and a liability.  If the shelter allowed this animal to be adopted and it were to bite a child or kill a neighbors pet everyone would than be up in arms about that, blaming the shelter for adopting out a bite dog.  Especially after it not only had bitten someone, but during its 10 day observation had displayed signs of aggression towards the shelter handlers; it was a no win situation.
Putting down an animal, even a confirmed bite dog is not an easy decision to make.  We as rescuers think of every reason not to distroy an animal even when its best for the animal directly or in directly. WHY?  Because every animal, even the mean and nasty find their way into our hearts.  The fact of the matter is some animals are not wired correctly just like some people.  Its a difficult decision to make and one that has to be made with sense not by a tug of the heart strings.

The Brookhaven Animal Shelter in the past has requested input from other professional, educated organizations if they felt something was out of their relm of expertise or if they simply wanted a second opinion.  We believe that if the staff and supervisors at the shelter said they evaluated this Golden, than they did. 

The Brookhaven Animal Shelter is functioning well and is operating under wonderful supervision with a great network of rescue people.  Leave them as they are.....its whats best for the animals of Brookhaven. 
Sign this petition in support of Brookhaven Town Animal Shelter.  AND please dont sign anonymous...if you believe in an issue why be anonymous?
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