Is Your "Doctor" a Physician?

When patients go to their "doctor," they may not always know whether the doctor is a medical doctor or another type of health care professional.

What you see is not always what you get. Many times, some health care professionals advertise that they can treat conditions without having the appropriate education and training. This puts patients' safety at increased and unnecessary risk.

Congress must act to protect Americans across the country. Tell Congress to support truth in advertising legislation.
Dear Congress Member,

As a patient, I always try to make informed decisions about my health care, but sometimes this can be difficult. There are many types of providers, and it can be difficult to know the roles they all play in delivering care. Health care decisions become even more complicated when some advertising practices mislead patients about a provider's education and training.

There is no place for confusion and deceptive advertising in the delivery of health care.

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H.R. 451, the Healthcare Truth and Transparency Act, would help patients make more informed decisions by prohibiting health care professionals from making misleading statements about their license and clinical expertise. H.R. 451 would also require providers who advertise their health care services to disclose the license number under which they are authorized to practice.

Every member of the health care delivery team plays an important role, but to help protect patient safety, physicians and non-physicians should only practice -- and advertise for -- what their education and training has prepared them to provide.

Please help patients like me make informed, safety conscious health care decisions by co-sponsoring and supporting H.R. 451, the Healthcare Truth and Transparency Act of 2011.

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