Demand justice for Thomas the kitten, buried alive in concrete by polygamist LDS church

  • by: Michelle Raiszadeh
  • target: Mohave County Sheriff's Office (new, just, compassionate police force)

Please read all of this, important contact info below..

A kitten was recently found buried alive from neck down in front of the home of a former Polygamist Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) Church member in Colorado City, Arizona. Andrew Chatwin, another former FLDS member, freed Thomas the kitten from the cement, the mangled, emaciated kitten was taken to Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary outside of Kanab. Best Friends rescue workers say Thomas' injuries were very severe and he was in constant pain before he died.

Chatwin claims that countless animal killings and threats have been going on for years as a way to intimidate former FLDS members who have spoken against the polygamist church. He also claims that city sheriffs scoffed at him when he reported the animal abuse and did not take the act seriously. He hints that non FLDS members are denied protection from the police. Colorado City police are also members of the polygamist FLDS.

Due to the Colorado City Sheriff taking sides with the polygamist FLDS and bullying non-FLDS members of the community, Mohave County police are now patrolling Colorado City. Please urge Mohave Police to investigate Thomas' and the other innocent animal killings and hold these sadistic and dangerous members of the community accountable before more innocent lives are destroyed.

Countless cats, dogs, horses, ducks, chickens and other innocent animals have been tortured and killed by the members of this church as a threat to any individuals who choose to leave the polygamist cult. The leader of the church, Warren Jeffs, is in prison for raping a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old girl, the 15-year-old girl became pregnant and bore a child after the assault.

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Full news story here:

Please also be sure to watch the video below, because of two House of Representative Members:
Nancy McLain: (928) 763-5146
Doris Goodale: (602) 926-5408

A bill introduced by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and supported by Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan that would have taken out and punished the corrupt polygamist FLDS Colorado City police (made up of 6 men) was rejected by Doris Goodale and Nancy McLain. Please contact Goodale and McLain and let them know how disgusted and disappointed you are with them for rejecting this very important bill. This bill could have protected victims like Thomas and anyone else who has been abused by the corrupt police force and the polygamist FLDS they belong to! The bill will be reintroduced next year, urge Goodale and McLain to pass it this time! They are protecting these abusers and killers!

you can observe how the corrupt FLDS Colorado City police treat a frightened woman in this video, you can also see who the people are who actually care about the innocent, in this case- Mohave Sheriff Sheahan and Attorney General Tom Horne. Feel free to contact Sheriff Sheahan and Attorney General Tom Horne and let them know you have their full support and hope to see Justice for Thomas the kitten and the many other victims of these vicious, sadistic, ignorant killers.

Dear Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan,

thank you for moving into Colorado City to provide a fair, unbiased, police force. I hope members of the former biased, corrupt Colorado City police force will be held accountable for their actions and punished.

Please conduct a thorough investigation of the heinous crime that caused Thomas the kitten to suffer and lose his life after being buried alive in cement. These killers have already tortured many innocent, helpless animals and have shown to have the mentality to do harm to more innocent victims. The Colorado City community will not be safe until these murderers are brought to justice. The world is watching Colorado City and we hope to see justice.

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