Demand CCTV in Slaughterhouses Now

  • by: Juan J
  • recipient: US Congress

When undercover video of animal abuse in UK slaughterhouses went viral, public outrage prompted a movement that made abattoirs accountable for the cruelty committed by their employees. From 2009 to 2016 an anti-cruelty animal group filmed inside 11 randomly selected slaughterhouses. What they found was disgusting. Workers were filmed stubbing cigarettes in pigs faces and "animals being horrifically being punched, stamped on and punched."

This August, after a long hard fought battle, lawmakers passed a law making CCTV compulsory in all slaughterhouses in England giving vets unrestricted access to the recordings. It is another way to ensure that animals aren’t being tortured before they are killed. 

In the US, over the last decade, several similar undercover videos have surfaced showing abuse equal or even worse than what was shown in the UK videos. One of the latest, taken this year, showed piglets being castrated or de-tailed without anesthesia.

Without these undercover videos no one would have ever known the truth about what these animals experience before they are finally killed. 
This treatment is unacceptable and disgraceful and in order to stop it, slaughterhouses and their employees need to be held accountable. The government can’t and shouldn’t rely solely on rules and regulations to protect animals - especially after repeated evidence that they have no effect. 

With nearly 3000 abattoirs in the US, the only way to truly keep an eye on what goes on within their 4 walls is for the US to join England and to pass a “CCTV in Slaughterhouses” law here in America.  

We cannot stop the world from eating meat, but we can ensure that those animals that give up their lives so that others may eat, are not tortured before they die. Sign the petition and ask Congress to demand oversight in slaughterhouses. Demand CCTVs.

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