Protect Amazon Animals - Sign the Wildlife Selfie Code

Animals in the Amazon are being torn from the wild so tourists can pose with them in selfies for Instagram and other social media.

Commit to our Wildlife Selfie Code today, and help filter cruelty out of selfies.

The growing popularity of wildlife selfies means more and more animals are being exploited, abused and held captive in appalling conditions - all so they can be tourists' photo props.

Sloths, caimans and other animals are stolen from their mothers in the wild and forced into a life of near-constant handling and mishandling. When not in front of the camera, they're often kept out of sight in filthy, cramped conditions.

With their gentle, slow nature, and facial markings that give the impression they're always smiling, sloths are an easy target for people looking to use them for profit. They are forced to live in noisy, chaotic environments, and repeatedly passed from tourist to tourist. It's likely many don't survive this torture more than six months - their stressed, abused bodies simply give out.

Don't be part of this ugly picture.

Sign our Wildlife Selfie Code and help filter cruelty out of selfies.

DON'T take a selfie if:

  • I'm being hugged, held or restrained
  • You're baiting me with food
  • I could harm you

DO take a selfie if:

  • You keep a safe distance from me
  • I'm in my natural home
  • I'm free to move, and not captive

Thank you for being side by side with animals. Together, we are moving the world to protect animals.

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