Regain our monarchy kingdom end sovereignty for our people . Get the fake puppets who run our government out and put our people back in it!

    The u.s of America has long admitted that they were wrong at at fault for kidnapping our queen and siding with those criminals it was an act war by committing those war crimes. Why have they excused the punishment?! The U.S. is forcibly sending illegal criminals as ls from other states to our state by giving them an ultimatum , “go to jail or go to Hawaii?! “ the u . S is also sending military forces to our state and our government is corrupt. My son is “Hawaiian , Colombian , Filipino, german, born in Honolulu Hawaii and lived abroad with his father in Cambodia to help the country rebuild by his experience and knowledge in construction with his father . Hoping to return to Hawaii on the day of the boarders being shut down due to Covid he was struck by a Russian mob while riding on his motorcycle to get to the boarder and emergency return home ! But he was hospitalized , sedated and held tied up to a hospital bed by a female who along with her terroists group was connected with an elder man in the Netherlands who contacted me in Hawaii by phone. Telling me to pay ransoms of 75,000 US dollars or my so. Would die in the streets of Cambodia in sinhanookvile ! They demanded the money be sent through western union! I contacted every know agency government and state and when contact with the u. S. Homeland security by a man who said his first name was good enough for me , when I asked for his full name and employee badge no. And name of suprrvisor . He replied”so what?!” , what do you want us to do your b
    Not even a u.S citizen!, he said . No emergency help or evacuation for my son was coming ! He was in the icu of a Russian hospital and the hospital before that was held under control of violent terroristic group! My son is still stuck there ! There will be no aide or help from the U.S. government , the embassy asked me if I knew how much it cost to fly him out of Cambodia and he’s my eldest son ! They will not help they have sent me on a wild goose hunt! I’ve email the fucking president numerous times for help but it’s hopeless! There’s no such thing as human rights ! Our world will become as the saying goes “for the rich and famous & military ! But even the military men and women will die . They are all being used to commit murder for our so called leader!
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