War is Just a Racket: Take a Stand; Dismantle the War Machine; Demilitarize the World!

In the words of a USMC General, war is the oldest, the most profitable and the most vicious racket—one in which the profits are measured in dollars and the losses in body bags.  To stop the war racketeers profiting from wars and to void their ‘license to mass murder,’ we the undersigned call on you, the world community, parents, writers, poets, artists, farmers, workers, academics, professionals and all other concerned individuals to rise up and take a stand against the insanity of militarism forced on your community. Take control of your destiny. Help bring about an end to the manufacture and sales of weapons in your country and the world. Redirect your national income from feeding the war machine to provide food, shelter, health, education and harmony for all.Remember: Without your consent, explicit or implied, the wheels of the military machine would come to a grinding halt.
The weapons industry led by the so-called Military-Industrial Complex in the United States and the “Big Money” racketeers that own or control them are the largest and the most powerful terrorist organization in the world.  In the last two generations alone, their nefarious weapons have killed more people than were ever slaughtered in the previous 5,700 years.Their merchandises of doom continue to kill, maim or inflict permanent psychological scars upon tens of millions of human beings each year.The production and deployment of their weapons poisons our fragile biosphere and claims millions more who fall victim each year to cancer and other fatal, incurable diseases, or mysterious illnesses, by ingesting food, drinking water, or breathing air contaminated with the toxic effects.To maximize profit, the racketeers rely on their international network of trained agents, infiltrators and agitators to create conflicts and spread fear everywhere. False flag operations, planning and executing acts of mass terrorism that are then blamed on the third parties, have proven an effective tactic, now modus operandi for starting wars. In the United States, corrupt politicians ensure that 51 percent of the federal budget goes to the war racketeers, instead of education, health and welfare of the citizens. With less than 5 percent of the world population, United States accounts for more than 50 percent of world's total military spending.The insanity of the merchants of mass murder and their war technicians, corrupt politicians and instruments of malevolence, are exemplified in the false-flag pretext for the so-called 'war on terror,' the subsequent invasion, destruction and rape of Iraq and genocide of Iraqis. The ongoing Iraqi holocaust has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives since 2003. Many more Iraqis, brainwashed US servicepersons, misguided British soldiers and other members of the so-called 'Coalition of the Wiling' incur serious injuries, or carry permanent physical or psychological scars. The mounting death and injury toll is diabolic.To stop the war racketeers profiting from wars and void their 'license to mass murder,' we the undersigned call on all parents, writers, poets, artists, farmers, workers, academics, professionals and all other concerned individuals to rise up and take a stand against the insanity of forced militarism. Take control of your destiny. Help bring about an end to the manufacture and sales of weapons in your country. Redirect your national income from R & D, manufacture and purchase of weapons to provide food, shelter, health, education and harmony for all.We call on all legislators, judges, magistrates and prosecutors globally to prosecute proactively the shareholders, executives and employees of the arms industry, their researchers, advisors, agents and corrupt politicians [collectively referred to as the 'Merchants of Mass Murder'] for selling arms, facilitating wars and committing crimes against humanity and aggression against Earth.We call on the United Nations General Assembly, International Criminal Court (ICC), International Court of Justice (ICJ) and all other international judicial bodies responsible for protecting humanity to establish international criminal tribunals to prosecute the Merchants of Mass Murder for the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity and aggression against Earth. [See Exhibits A - L below for partial lists of the Merchants of Mass Murder.]Finally, we demand Merchants of Mass Murder dismantle their nefarious war machine immediately and stop the ecocide of our planet and genocide of the peoples. The Merchants of Mass Murder[Note: The attached exhibits are not exhaustive. Errors and omissions may have occurred due to the quality of information available at the time of writing.] Exhibit A - The shareholders, executives, employees, researchers, advisors and agents of the following Merchants of Mass Murder that manufacturers and sell weapons, or provide training and support in the United States: Lockheed Martin; Boeing; Northrop Grumman; Raytheon; General Dynamics; Honeywell; Halliburton; United Technologies; L-3 Communications; Science Applications International Corp.; Computer Sciences Corp.; General Electric; ITT Industries; McKesson Corporation Delaware; KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root); United Defense Industries; Booz Allen Hamilton; Bechtel Group; Johnson Controls, INC; Caterpillar; Electronic Data Systems; Rockwell Collins; URS; Harris; Goodrich; DRS Technologies; Anteon; Washington Group International; OshKosh Truck; Engineered Support Systems; ManTech International; CACI; Armor Holdings; MITRE; Battelle; Boeing Sikorsky; Stewart & Stevenson Services; Jacobs Engineering Group; ARINC; The Aerospace Corp.; EDO; Cubic; The Aerospace Corporation; BBN Technologies; Teledyne Technologies; BearingPoint; Orbital Sciences; Ball Corp.; Curtiss-Wright; Monsanto; STI International Inc; Strayer Voigt Inc; Sturm, Ruger, & Co. (Ruger); Taser International; Textron Systems (Textron); Thompson Center Arms (Thompson Center); Winchester; AAI Corporation; BAE Systems Inc.; Carlyle Group; DHB Industries, INC; Colt's Manufacturing Company; General Atomic Technologies Company; BAE Systems Land and Armaments; Alexander Arms; ArmaLite; Alliant Techsystems (ATK); Renco Group, INC; Boeing Integrated Defense Systems (Boeing IDS); Caspian Arms Ltd; Charter Arms; Detonics USA; Browning Arms Company (Browning); Parker Hannifin Corporation; U.S. Repeating Arms Company; Federal Cartridge Company; Remington Arms (Remington); Les Baer;  MasterPiece Arms; JP Enterprises Inc; Springfield Armory; Marlin Firearms; McBros Rifles; Kahr Arms (Kahr); Thompson (Auto-Ordnance); Kimber Manufacturing (Kimber); RND Manufacturing; Rock River Arms; Anham Joint Venture; Fluor Corporation; Savage Arms; Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company; American Body Armor and Equipment; Cardinal Health, INC; Smith & Wesson; O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. (Mossberg); Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; Procter & Gamble Company; Shaw Group, INC; Olympic Arms; Bushmaster Firearms; Hi-Point Firearms (MKS Supplies); DPMS (Panther Arms); Dyncorp; Dell; Hewlett-Packard; Humana Inc.; IBM; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Charles Stark Draper Laboratories; Motorola; Johns Hopkins University Inc.; BP; Fedex Corp; Exxon Mobil Corporation; Morrison Knudsen Corporation; Amerisourcebergen Corporation; Valero Energy Corporation; Abu Dhabi National Oil Co; Environmental Chemical Corp; VSE Corporation; Government of Canada and numerous others.Exhibit B - The shareholders, executives, employees, researchers, advisors and agents of the following Merchants of Mass Murder that manufacturers and sell weapons, or provide training and support in the United Kingdom:BAE Systems; Rolls-Royce; QinetiQ;  Smiths Group; GKN Group; VT Group; Cobham; Babcock International Group; Meggitt; Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE); Ultra Electronic Holdings; Royal Ordnance; RSAF-Enfield (Enfield); Accuracy International; James Purdey and Sons Ltd. (Purdey); Webley and Scott (Webley); Insys; Sterling Armament Company (Sterling); Holland & Holland (H&H); Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA); BP and many others.Exhibit C - The shareholders, executives, employees, researchers, advisors and agents of the following Merchants of Mass Murder that manufacturers and sell weapons, or provide training and support in Canada:CAE; Para-Ordnance Manufacturing Inc; Armament Technology; Colt Canada;  3M Canada Company; A.L. Ross Associates; A.U.G. Signals Ltd.; ABB; Abuma Manufacturing Limited; ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc.; Acron Capability Engineering Inc.; ACS Advanced Shelters; Acsion Industries Inc.; Active Gear Co. of Canada Limited; ADGA Group; Advance Systems Marketing International; Adventure Lights Inc./Quantum Marine Ltd.; Aero Stock Inc.; AeroInfo Systems, a Boeing Company; Aerospace & Defence Industries Association of Nova Scotia; Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador; Aerospace BizDev Inc.; Airborne Systems Global; AirBoss – Defense; Ajilon Consulting; Albion Group-Canada; Alenia North America - Canada, Co.; Alion Science and Technology; Allen-Vanguard; Allied Wings; ALPHACASTING Inc.; Alta Electronics Inc.; Ambix; AMCAN Technologies Incorporated; AMEC Inc.; AML Associates; Anachemia Canada Inc.; Analytic Systems; Analytical Graphics, Inc.; Annabel; Apex Industries Inc.; Appendix Sonovision – ITEP; Aptika; Armament Technology Incorporated; Array Systems Computing Inc.; Arrow/Zeus Electronics; ARTIS; Asure Research Solutions Ltd.; ATCO Frontec Corporation; Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency; Atlantis Systems International Inc.; Atlas Defence Systems; Atlas Polar Co Ltd; AutonoSys; AUVSI – Canada; Avcorp Industries Inc.; Aversan Inc.; Aviya Technologies Inc; AxesNetwork Solutions Inc; BAE SYSTEMS; Bangor Metals Corporation; Baultar Concept Inc.; B-Con Engineering Inc.; Bell Canada; Bell Helicopter Textron (Canada); Bereskin and Parr Intellectual Property Law; BGA Inc./Aviorel; Binks Insurance Brokers Ltd; Biokinetics & Associates Ltd; Black Coral Inc.; Blaney McMurtry LLP; Blatant Media Corporation; BMP Metals Inc.; BMT Fleet Technology Ltd; Bock Optronics Inc.; Boeing Aerospace; Bombardier; Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.; Brasseur & Associates Incorporated; BreconRidge Manufacturing Solutions Corp.; Brent Packaging & Logistics Limited; BRIC Engineered Systems; Brownrigg-Smith Consulting Inc.; BW Technologies; C&I Projects Inc.; C4I Consultants Inc.; Cadex inc; CADSI; CAE INC.; Calian Ltd.; CAMEO Security; Canada Direct Trading Limited; Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute; Canadian Allied Consultants; Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems; Canadian Commercial Corporation; Canadian Defence Review; Canadian Export Consulting Services; Canadian Helicopters; Canadian Lightsource Inc; Canadian Tactical; CanRep Inc.; Cantec Systems; Carleton Life Support; Carleton University; Carmanah Technologies Corp.; Cartel Communication Systems Inc.; CarteNav Solutions; Cascade Aerospace Inc.; Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP; CDL Systems Ltd; Celestica International; CFN Consultants; CGI Info. Systems & Mgmt Consultants; Chateau Marketing Consultants Inc.; CHIP 9 Machining Ltd; Cintec Canada Ltd; CIRRUS Research Associates Inc.; Cleeve Technology Incorporated; Clermark Inc.; CMC Electronics Inc.; CMLabs Simulations Inc.; Colt Canada Corporation; COM DEV Ltd.; Composites Atlantic Limited; Computer Sciences Canada Inc.; COMSEC Services Inc. Concurrent Technologies Canada; Consoltex Inc.; Cray Canada Corp.; CS Canada; C-TECH Ltd.; Cubic Defense Applications Inc.; Current Corporation; Curtiss-Wright Corporation; Custom Electronic Assemblies Ltd.; C-Vision Limited; DAMA Consulting Services Limited; DARAL Group; DAVWIRE (Defense & Aviation Wiring Inc); DCN-Armaris; DEFSEC Corporation; Deloitte & Touche LLP; Department of National Defence; Depro (GVB) Incorporated; Design Fabrication; Dessau Soprin Inc.; DEW Engineering and Development Ltd.; Dishon Limited; Dräger Canada Ltd.; Drop Zone Tactical; DRS Pivotal Power; DRS Technologies Canada; Dumur Industries; Duocom; Dycor Technologies Ltd.; Dynetek Industries Ltd.; Dyplex Communications Ltd; E.I. du Pont Canada; E.T.M. Industries Inc.; EADS Canada; ECI Composites Inc.; Edgewater Computer Systems, Inc.; EDS Canada Inc; Elbit Systems Ltd.; Elettra Technology Inc; Emcon Emanation Control Ltd.; e-mec Inc.; Emhiser Research Limited; EMS SATCOM; Engenuity Technologies Inc.; Ensil Canada Ltd; EODC; Engineering, Developing and Licensing, Inc.; EQUATion Technologies; Ergosum Ltd.; ESI Security Technology; ESRI Canada; ESS Inc.; Eurocopter Canada Limited; EUROSATORY/Promosalons Canada; Evans Consoles Inc.; EWA – Canada; Extrication Technology; Eye Tactical; E-Z-EM Canada Inc.; Fellfab Limited; Field Aviation Company Inc.; Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc.; Fleetway Inc.; FrontLine Magazine; Fujitsu Consulting; G.T. Machining & Fabricating Ltd; GasTOPS Ltd.; GE Aviation Canada; GE Water & Process Technologies; Genaire Limited; General Dynamics - OTS – Canada; General Dynamics - OTS - Canada – Valleyfield; General Dynamics C4 Systems; General Dynamics Canada Ltd.; General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada; General Kinetics Engineering Corporation; Genetec Inc.; GenieView Inc; GENTEX; Gibraltar Solutions Inc; Gladius International; GMA; GMA Cover Corp.; Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP; Grand Canada Engineering Limited; Groupe Central; GTDS Inc.; Guernsey MacKay Inc.; Hardigg Canada ULC; Harris Canada Inc.; Hazmasters Environmental Equipment Inc.; Helly Hansen Canada Limited; Hepburn Engineering Inc.; Hesco Military Products; Hewlett Packard Canada Ltd.; Hewson Bridge and Smith Ltd; Hiab; Highpoint Security Technologies Inc.; Hill and Knowlton Canada Limited; Hillwatch Inc.; HISS - Highland Integrated Surveillance Systems; Honeywell; Horn IT Solutions Inc.; Hudson Supplies Inc.; Humansystems Incorporated; Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd.; Hypernetics Limited; Ian Martin Limited; IBM Canada Ltd.; ICAN; ICOM Canada; ICx Radar Systems; iFathom Corporation; Imago Machine Vision Inc.; IMP Group International Inc.; Impact Cases Inc.; ImStrat Corporation; IMT; INAWIRE Inc.; ING Engineering Inc.; Inkas; Inmedius Canada Inc; Integrys; Intergraph Canada Ltd.; Intermap Technologies; International Custom Products; International SOS Canada Inc.; International Truck and Engine Corporation; Irvin Aerospace Canada Ltd.; ITS Electronics Inc.; James Kraft Consulting Inc.; Jane's Information Group; JenCor Entertainment; JM Tek Ltd; John Deere Limited; John Muston & Associates Inc.; Kamatics Corporation; Kaycom Incorporated; Keigan Systems Inc.; Kenwood Electronics Canada Inc.; Kirkland Strategies Inc.; Kongsberg Maritime; KPMG; KRBetts Consulting; L-3 Communications; Lacroix Pyrotronics Systems Inc; Lansdowne Technologies; Larus Technologies Corporation; Levitt-Safety Ltd.; Lexi-tech International; LHM Technologies Inc.; Lincoln Fabrics Ltd.; Lockheed Martin; Logistik Unicorp Inc.; LubeCorp Inc.; Luxell Technologies Inc.; MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates Ltd.; Maersk Canada Inc; Magellan Aerospace Corporation; Magneto-Inductive Systems Limited (MISL); MAK Technologies, Inc.; MAN Military Vehicle Systems Canada; Marinvent Corporation; Martec; MBM & Co.; MC Countermeasures Inc.; MC&F International Consultants; McCarthy Tetrault LLP; MD Charlton Co. Ltd.; MDI Canada; Mecachrome Canada; Med-Eng Systems Inc.; Medical Intelligence Technololgies Inc; Meggitt Defence Systems Canada; Mercedes-Benz Canada; Mercer Health & Benefits; Metcalfe and Associates; Michelin North America Inc.; Microsoft Canada; Millennium Marketing Inc.; Miltech Procurement Services Ltd.; Mincom Canada Inc.; MMIST; Mondial Aviation Corp.; MPB Technologies; MREL Specialty Explosive Products Ltd.; MultiShred Inc.; Mustang Survival; Nanowave Technologies Inc.; Nasittuq Corporation; Navair Inc.; Neptec Design Group; New Brunswick Aerospace and Defence Association; Newcon Optik; Newman Technologies Inc.; Nexor; NGRAIN Corporation; Nite Owl North America Ltd; Noorduyn Norseman; NORLEANS Technologies Inc.; Norsat International Inc.; Northern Lights Combat Air Support Inc.; Northrop Grumman; Northstar Aerospace; Number One Machining Ltd.; Ocean Software Canada Ltd; Oculus Info Inc.; ODIM Spectrum Ltd.; OEA Technologies Incorporated; Oerlikon Contraves Inc.; One Shot Tactical Supply; Optosecurity Inc; Oracle Corporation; OSI Geospatial Inc.; Pacific Safety Products Inc.; PAE Services Canada; PAMI; Panalpina Inc.; Paradigm Shift Technologies Inc.; Patlon Aircraft & Industries Limited; Paystation Inc.; PCI Geomatics; Peace and Conflict Planners Canada Inc.; Pelican Products, Inc. (Canada); Pennant Canada Limited; Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP; Plexsys International Canada, Inc.; PMC Project Management Centre Inc; Pôle Québec Chaudière-Appalaches; Policy Insights Inc.; Potti Corp.; Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.; PRO LASER PLUS LTD.; Production Case Company; Prolity Corporation; Prologic Systems Ltd; Protectolite Inc.; Psion Tecklogix; PWM Consulting; QinetiQ; Quebec Aerospace Association; R. Nicholls Distributors Inc.; R.C. Flagman Inc.; R.E.S. Enterprises Inc.; Racal Acoustics; Raytheon Canada; Recruitall; Revision Eyewear Inc.; Ridgeway North America Ltd.; Risk Management Partners; Rockwell Collins of Canada; Rohde & Schwarz Canada Inc.; Rolls-Royce North America; S.M.I; Saab International Canada Ltd.; Safework Inc; Salient Manufacturing & Security Products Inc; Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies; Saskatchewan Industry and Resources; SASO Machining Services Ltd.; Scepter Corporation; Scintrex Trace Corp; Securesearch Inc.; SED Systems; SEI Industries Ltd; Seimac Limited; Sennheiser Government Systems (Canada); Shark Marine Technologies Inc.; Shellcast Foundries Inc.; Shipbuilding Association of Canada; SIC Industrial Marking Canada Inc.; Sicom Systems Ltd.; Sicotte Ltée; Sierra Systems; Signal Technology Associates Inc.; Sikorsky Canada Inc.; Simex Defence Inc.; SkyLink Aviation Corporation; SM International; Smiths Detection; SMU Logistics; SNC-Lavalin ProFac; Sofema Canada; SolaCom Technologies; Soucy International Inc.; Source Engineering; Sparton of Canada Ltd.; Spectrum Signal Processing; Sprung Instant Structures Ltd; Standard Aero Limited; Stedfast Inc.; StrategicFora Global Information Services; Struthers Management Services; Summa Strategies; Summit Insight; Summit Structures; Tactical Technologies Inc.; Tactix Government Consulting; Team Eagle; Technopôle Defence & Security; Tecmotiv Corporation; Tektronix, Inc.; Telesat Canada; Telops; TELUS; TeraMach Technologies Inc.; TeraXion Inc; Textron Systems; Thales Canada Inc.; The Aeronav Group; The Wellington Strategy Group Inc.; Thermal Eye Technologies Inc.; Thornley Fallis Communications; Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems Canada Inc.; TIGER-VAC - International Inc.; Titan Case Industries; Top Aces Consulting Inc.; Totalline Transport; Tracan Electronics Corporation; Trillys Systems; TSL Aerospace Technologies Limited; Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.; Turbomeca Canada Inc.; TWB Designs Inc.; Ultra Electronics Tactical Communication Systems; Ultra Electronics-Maritime Systems; Unisource Technology Inc.; Unisys Canada Inc.; USC Consulting Group Canada LP; V2PM Inc.; Valcom Consulting Group Inc.; Valley Associates Inc.; Vanguard Magazine; VariSystems Inc; Vectronix AG; Vestshell Inc.; Viable Power Conversion Technologies; VIH Aerospace Inc.; Virtucom Inc.; Visiontec; Washington Marine Group; WCC Refurb Ltd./WCC Offshore; Weatherhaven; Whitenoise Laboratories Inc.; Wyle Laboratories; X Tronics Inc.; xwave; Zodioptics Inc. and others. [Source: CADSI]Exhibit D - The shareholders, executives, employees, researchers, advisors and agents of the following Merchants of Mass Murder that manufacturers and sell weapons, or provide training and support in Australia:Australian Defence Industries (ADI); Tenix Defence; Metal Storm; SEAL Solutions and numerous other sources.Exhibit E - The shareholders, executives, employees, researchers, advisors and agents of the following Merchants of Mass Murder that manufacturers and sell weapons, or provide training and support in New Zealand:Pacific Aerospace Corporation Ltd; Allied Industrial Engineering Ltd; AIR AFFAIRS LTD; Air N.Z. Engineering; AMTEC Engineering Ltd; BECA; Computer Brokers Ltd; Connection Technologies; Cuddon Ltd.; Electronic Navigation Ltd; Fitzroy Engineering Ltd; Fleetworks Ltd.; Right Hemisphere; Rakon; Flexisolutions Ltd; Flightcell International Ltd; Fuelquip Ltd; GHD Ltd; Kellogg Brown and Root; Macdonald Technologies Ltd; Mace Ltd; Marine Air Systems (NZ); MAROPS Ltd; McKay Ltd; 3M New Zealand Ltd; Noske-Kaeser New Zealand Limited; Ordnance Development Ltd; Oscmar International Ltd; Robotechnology Ltd; Pacific Aerospace Corporation; PAE New Zealand Ltd; Air New Zealand's Tasman Aviation Enterprises; Serco Project Engineering Ltd; Safe Air Limited; Sinclair Knight Merz; Southtec Systems Ltd; Swing Thru Ltd; Tenix Shipbuilding NZ Ltd; The Asset Partnership NZ; URS New Zealand Ltd; VTFitzroy Ltd; Wright Technologies Ltd; Yakka Ltd; Zephyr Technologies and others. [Source: NZ Defence Industry Association.]Exhibit F - The shareholders, executives, employees, researchers, advisors and agents of the following Merchants of Mass Murder that manufacturers and sell weapons, or provide training and support in Israel: Tadiran Electronic Industries; Magnum Research Inc.; Israel Aircraft Industries; Elbit Systems; Rafael Armament Development Authority; Israel Military Industries Ltd.; Israel Atomic Energy Commission; Ministry of Defense Procurement and Production Directorate (PPD); Israeli Military; American Israel Public Affairs Committee and others.Exhibit G - The shareholders, executives, employees, researchers, advisors and agents of the following Merchants of Mass Murder that manufacturers and sell weapons, or provide training and support in other countries:Austria: Steyr Mannlicher (Steyr); Glock and others. Belgium: Fabrique Nationale (FN) and others.Brazil: Forjas Taurus (Taurus); Embraer and others.Bulgaria: Arsenal and others.Croatia: HS Produkt and others.  Czech Republic: CZUB (CZ) and others.China: Xinshidai Group; (CEIEC, CATIC, NORINCO, CNEIC, CPMIEC and CSSC); China Aerospace Machinery and Electronics Corporation (CAMEC); China Electronics Corporation (CEC); Aviation Industries of China (AVIC); China State Shipbuilding Corp.; China National Nuclear Corporation; Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics;  Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research ; Fudan University and others. [Source: FAS]Colombia: Indumil and others. Denmark:  A.P. Moller-Maersk Group and others.Finland: Patria and others.France: GIAT Industries (Giat); Thales Group (Thales); DCN; Snecma; Titan; Dassault Aviation France; SAGEM and others.Germany: ThyssenKrupp; Krauss-Maffei Wegmann; Diehl Stiftung; EADS Germany; Krauss-Maffei Heckler & Koch (HK); Howaldtswerke (HDW); Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen (Walther); Rheinmetall AG (Rheinmetall); Mauser Werke Oberndorf Waffensysteme GmbH (Mauser) and others.Greece: OMI Ordtech Military Industries; EAS (weapons) and others.Hungary: FEG - (FEGARMY Arms factory) and others.India: Ordnance Factory Board of India (OFB); DRDO; Hindustan Aeronautics; Bharat Electronics and others.Indonesia: PT Pindad and others.Italy: Armi Jager; Benelli; Beretta; Franchi; Finmeccanica; Fincantieri; Avio and others.Japan: Misubishi Heavy Industries;  Kawasaki Heavy Industries;  NEC; Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries; Toshiba; Komatsu and others.Mexico: Productos Mendoza and others.Netherlands: N.V. Koninklijke Nederlandsche; EADS; Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research and others.Norway: Raufoss; Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) and others.Pakistan: Aeronautical Complex (PAC); Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF); Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) and others.Philippines: Armscor (Philippines) and others.Portugal: INDEP and others.Romania: Romtehnica and others.Russia: IZh; Uralvagonzavod; Aviation Holding Company Sukhoi; Almaz-Antei; Aerospace Equipment; RSK MiG; Admiralteiske Verfi; Ufa MPO; Kartsev-Venediktov Design Bureau; IRKUT Corporation and others.Serbia: Zastava Arms and others.Singapore: Singapore Technologies Engineering and others.South Africa: Armscor (South Africa); Denel; Denel Aerospace Systems and others.South Korea: Korea Aerospace Industries; SSANGYONG and many others.Spain: IZAR Construcctiones Navales; Indra Sistemas and others.Sweden: Saab; BAE Systems Bofors; BAE Systems Bofors Defence AB; Ericsson; Saab Bofors Dynamics and others.Switzerland: Oerlikon Contraves (Oerlikon); SIGARMS (SIG-Sauer); Sphinx Systems Ltd.; RUAG and others.Turkey: Makine ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu (MKE) and others.Ukraine: Antonov; KMDB; Malyshev Factory and others.Exhibit H - George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Karl Rove, John Bolten, Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, George Tenet, Barbara Fast, William J. Haynes, II, John Yoo, David Addington, Walter Wojdakowski, Stephen Cambone, Ricardo S. Sanchez, Thomas Pappas, Marc Warren, JAG, Geoffrey Miller (general), Jay Bybee... U.S. senators/representatives, military leaders and their personnel, lobbyists, political advisors and all other persons who advocate militarism, feed the war machine, or who opted for the invasion of Iraq and the genocide of Iraqis. Exhibit I - Tony Blair, members of his Cabinet, members of both Houses of Parliament and their advisors, agents, military leaders and the personnel, the instruments of war machine, and all other persons who feed the war machine, or who advocated the war against Iraq and participated in the genocide of Iraqis.Exhibit J - John Howard, members of his Cabinet, members of both Houses of Australian Parliament, their advisors, agents, military leaders and the personnel, the instruments of war machine, and all other persons who feed the war machine, or who joined in the war of aggression and genocide of Iraqis.Exhibit K – Rulers of PGCC states (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain) and their lieutanents who perpetually feed the war machine by purchasing vast quantities of weapons, and who provided financial, material or logistical support for the rape of Iraq and facilitated the genocide of Iraqis by coalition of the willing.Exhibit L - Prime Minister of Israel, members of his cabinet, other warmongering political and ideological leaders, Israeli military and their large network of international spies, infiltrators and agitators, the major perpetrators of false flag operations, facilitators of wars and beneficiaries of the war machine.
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