Auto Manufacturers Sacrificing Safety for Profit at the Expense of Lives

  • by: Dena Parker
  • target: Dr. Jeffrey Runge, Administrator NHTSA, US Senate, US House, President, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
This petition addresses the need for revised/new auto safety standards and laws. It addresses the consumers right to know about auto safety deficiencies/defects and how criminal penalties should apply when an auto manufacturer chooses to hide them at the expense of lives.
We the undersigned, believe that it is time for our government to step in and protect consumers from large corporations namely the auto manufacturers, from producing, marketing and selling unsafe vehicles to unaware consumers, in effect disregarding human lives for the sake of profit. The auto industry has consistently opposed attempts for consumer protection, including a credible rollover crash test. The NHTSA's 5 star rating, which tells how likely a vehicle is to roll, is simply not the answer. The answer is to build the vehicle right, with adequate structure. With today's strong metal alloys, there is no excuse not to do so. Experts agree, the costs involved would be minimal. The government makes it mandatory for citizens to wear seatbelts, which we agree will save lives if a vehicle is designed to not come down on the heads of the driver and/or passenger(s). Regarding seatbelts, many are inadequately designed and allow victims of vehicle accidents to fly out of their seats, once again causing unnecessary deaths and serious injuries. Auto manufacturers have long been aware of these safety deficiencies, but have successfully fought against government standards and taken no voluntary action to stop the unnecessary deaths and injuries. We the undersigned believe if an auto manufacturer knows their product has a safety/design defect, they should be required to notify the consumer and government immediately. We believe that if an auto manufacturer willfully chooses to hide a safety or design defect and as a result someone is injured or killed, appropriate criminal penalties should apply.
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