Never Shortcut an Environmental Impact Assessment

The Commissioners failed to hold an environmental impact assessment regarding a 40-acre 600 dog- dog kennel stating that it'd only equal to about 8 head of cattle as to how much waste would be generated by the animals; this is a lazy cop out; please also contact:

Hello Morrison County Board of Commissioners,


    Puppy Passions Rescue & Transport also would like to file a complaint against your judgment of not having an environmental impact assessment performed before your board granted Mr. McDuffee his permit to build a 40-acre dog kennel.  I read that you view this many animals, at the 10-14 lb size, to equal about 8 cows as far as the amount of manure and urine that they release.  From what I’ve been able to learn, this kennel will be built near several wetlands and the Mississippi River.  I will be blunt with you, with all due courtesy; I’m not only the vice president of an animal rescue organization but also an avid environmental and nature lover and in such I’ve read many books, gotten plenty of facts from various sources both on and offline and I can assure you that having 600 animals in a confined area, be it 40-acres or smaller, will have an impact on the environment.  You see, wetlands play an incredibly important part of our environment; not just for other animals that live, eat, breed in these fragile ecosystems but also for humans.  There have been numerous studies done over the years that show that not only are we losing wetlands at an incredible rate, we’re also losing those species that rely on these places for nourishment, safety and breeding.  I fail to see how you can possibly, with all due respect, state that these fragile wetlands and the Mississippi River ecosystem will not be affected detrimentally by having a 600 dog- dog kennel built near by.  Not only will these areas be subjected to extra urine, feces and chemicals used to keep the kennel clean and sanitary but you’re also subjecting these animals to serious noise pollution. 

  I will NEVER be a proponent of debarking as an option so in light of this, I fail to see how the wildlife living around this area will not be affected by the noise generated by this many dogs.  Many species are extremely vulnerable to loud noise and will not breed in such conditions due to stress; so not only are you subjecting the neighboring populace with having to listen to 600 dogs barking and carrying on, you’re also forcing the local and migrating wildlife to endure this noise pollution as well.  I think this following quote sums it up nicely: "We spend thousands of dollars to clean up lakes and rivers, and now we're gong to have dog manure that could run off into the Mississippi?" said Nelson, 69. "It's a terrible idea."

  We at Puppy Passions Rescue & Transport highly suggest that you reconsider your decision to not hold an environmental impact assessment and replace that idea with one where such an assessment is carried out to the fullest. 



Mike Sexton

Vice President,

Puppy Passions Rescue & Transport

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