Revamp America's Corrupt, Racist, Discriminatory Adoption Industry: Pass Hana's Law, Katera's Law, and Devonte's Law.

    Every year the adoption industry spends money on propaganda to make it seem that adoptions facilitated in the United States, and across the world, are nearly flawless. In my twenty years of researching the adoption industry and advocating to end discrimination, unethical behavior, corruption, and racism in the adoption industry nothing could be further from the truth. America's adoption industry is  loosely regulated, uncredentialed, and profits multibillions annually by using a foundation of: discrimination, lies, deceit, propaganda, human trafficking tactics, and family separation practices based off of the times of trans Atlantic slavery auctions. 
    The adoption industry is long overdo for reconstruction, and as the concerned public, we are demanding it's time. Each child mentioned in this petition was not only murdered by their adopters, but was also indirectly murdered by a flawed, corrupt, and outdated adoption system that has put profit before children's safety time and time again. 
    This three part law will be named after three adopted Black children who were murdered by the failed adoption system. The mandatory steps issued in this petition are to ensure from now on the adoption industry works smoothly without discrimination or risking children's lives.

    Hana's Law: All international adoptions to be put on hold until the United Nations General Assembly along with the International Criminal Court does a thorough investigation on international adoptions into the United States. The United States will also under Hana's Law ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Investigation will look for, but is not limited to: is the child's safety in jeopardy if they do not leave the country, how will the child maintain contact with biological family, where is the child's biological family, can a member of the child's biological family care for them and if not why must the child be adopted outside of his or her country?

    Katera's Law: All adoptions must be legally enforced open adoptions upon enactment of Katera's Law. This does not mean unsafe biological family members will have access to the child or child's whereabouts. All closed adoptions will now be banned upon enactment of Katera's Law. Sealing of the original birth certificate will cease to occur. Sealing of adoption records will cease to occur. All original birth certificates and all adoption records in the United States and American territories will be unsealed, unamended and given to adoptees regardless of age. Birthparent privacy is a lie and is not on any law books because the original birth certificate isn't sealed until the adoption is finalized, so if a baby or child is given away for adoption and remains in the foster care system instead he or she keeps his or her original birth certificate making privacy null and void. Adoptees do not deserve to be the secrets of their biological parents who need to take self-responsibility as this puts blame for the circumstances of the conception and adoption wrongly on the adoptee. Nor is it conducive to healthy psychological behavior according to psychologists and sociologists. Any pregnant mother or mother or father of a child of any age who visits an adoption agency or adoption lawyer must under Katera's Law: be informed about adoption trauma, be informed that open adoptions are not legally enforceable and can and do close if that part of the law is not enacted, have extended biological family members interviewed to see if they can raise the child if the parent knows they truly cannot, have their own attorney not affliated with any adoption agency, and have a trusted adult not affliated with an adoption agency present if the parent is under the age of eighteen.

    Devonte's Law: Under Devonte's law all children in the foster system and children looking to be put into adoptive homes must see if extended biological family can care for them. If not, kinship care or legal guardianship must be looked at first. A caretaker of the same ethnicity or at least race of the child must be sought after first to ensure the end of racism and violent and or emotional racist attacks on children in adoptive houses. It will now become possible to place foster children into kinship care and legal guardianships instead of adoptions. All children in foster homes and adoptive homes must have unexpected visits multiple times annually by authority such as the local school principal, their teacher, a social worker, and or a police officer to ensure the child is remaining in a safe home until the age of eighteen. The United States Supreme Court along with each state supreme court will do an investigation on all filed grievences of those, minor or adult, who were abused or murdered by their caretakers including but not limited to: adopters, foster parents, and biological parents when a child should have been removed from the home.
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