US Congress to investigate Zionist and excessive Jewish influence.

  • by: Louis Calabro
  • target: Zionist, Jewish, and/or Jewish influenced organizations and
A Petition requesting that the US Congress investigate and hold hearings to determine if there is excessive Zionist and Jewish influence in America.
A Petition to the Congress of the United States requesting that its members immediately and thoroughly investigate and hold public hearings to determine if national and international Zionists and Jewish and/or Jewish influenced organizations and individuals are exercising excessive, disproportionate influence in America. The Congress will set forth its findings within a reasonable amount of time (six months) and, as appropriate, subsequently consider and pass legislation to correct such excessive influence that affects other Americans.

This request emanates from the fears and beliefs of citizens of these United States who are concerned for their and the future of their children, grandchildren, family, friends and neighbors. There is great concern in the following areas:

1. Is the American Israeli Pubic Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which is reported to be one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington, D.C., and may be acting in the interest of a foreign power, acting to the detriment of citizens of the United States of America?

2. Are Zionists and Jewish/Jewish Influenced organizations and individuals such as the Anti Defamation League, National Conference for Community and Justice, Southern Poverty Law Center and others infiltrating our public schools and colleges, offering and providing books, videos, plays and other educational and propaganda tools that denigrate the European American white community?

3. Is there any truth to the belief that Zionist Jewish and/or Jewish influenced organizations and individuals control/censor/limit much of the flow of international, national and local news to the citizens of the United States?

4. Does there exist Jewish ethnic nepotism favorable to Zionists and Jews, but disfavorable and harmful to Gentiles--which includes Christians and Muslims and other ethnic and racial groups, in any field of employment, social contract and/or organizations within and without the United States?

5. Do Zionist and Jewish/Jewish influenced organizations and individuals control newspapers, books, magazines, radio, TV, internet, and other media within and without the United States, and do they act as gatekeepers in censoring social, political and economic ideas critical of Jewish behavior that is detrimental to non-jews and “Gentiles”?

6. Do Jewish/Jewish influenced organizations and individuals produce motion pictures in Hollywood that taints the good name of Christians, but rarely taint the Zionist and Jewish communities here and abroad?

7. What proportion of America’s monetary, business and real estate wealth is in the control of Zionist and Jewish and/or Jewish influenced organizations and individuals in the United States?

8. It has been reported that Zionist and Jewish/Jewish influenced organizations and individuals provide approximately 50% of the National Democratic Party funds, and 25% of the National Republican Party funds. What is its impact and is it appropriate for 2.5 percent of the population to have such great political influence within the United States’ two major political parties?

9. What influence did Zionist, Jewish and Jewish influenced organizations and individuals exercise in amending our Immigration Laws in 1965--and controlling INS and ICE, so that such laws and related policies and the enforcement now discriminates against the immigration of Christian Europeans such as individuals from from England, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain and other European countries, and instead favor third world and non European, non Christian and non Protestant immigrants.

10. What is the Jewish Talmud and does it promote or contain passages that express hatred of Gentiles in American and abroad?

11. Has there been censorship of numbers of Israeli and Jewish citizens not killed in the 911 WTC, and if so, why?

12. Was the recent passed and signed Global Anti-Semitic Awareness Act--which excludes awareness of the prejudice, hatred and acts of violence against Christians and Muslims ---an example of unfair Zionist and Jewish influence in the Legislative and Executive branches of our government? What will this Act’s influence be upon our God-given rights and freedoms, and how much will its implementation cost non-Jewish Citizens.
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