We the people, ask that a legislation be enacted which shall be named “Mercy’s Law”

  • by: Anita Solomon
  • recipient: State Legislators, U.S. State Officals

The recent torturous act against a dog named Mercy, (click here for story) causing her to die a slow and agonizing death, despite all efforts to save her, has touched the hearts of thousands across the country.  Her gut wrenching story has also triggered outrage and has now become a “wake-up” call regarding the rise in cases of torture and mutilation of animals. 

There is also the case of Mooie, (click here for story) the pup doused with acid and left to die in excruciating pain, and found by children!  Many of these murdered dogs have been discovered by young children.  Another dog was found hung and beaten to death…by children.  If we as adults have difficulty just reading these horrific cases, just imagine how it must have been for these young children to discover these animals!  Think about the psychological effect this will have on them. 

It is time to act.  It is time to say “enough” is “enough”.  It is time to realize that your pet, or your child, or even you can be a victim.  It is time for the judicial system to act upon these cases in a more aggressive manner.  It is time for our Government to realize that we aren’t “crazed animal activists”, but concerned, compassionate humans afraid for our very own society.  (This is a petition that you can forward to YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS click here).

Therefore, we the people, ask that a legislation be enacted which will be named “Mercy’s Law”



(What is Mercy's Law?)  Continued below signatures

– A law to arrest and prosecute those that torture, mutilate, and ultimately cause death to companion animals.  Such crime would allow for criminal charges to be filed as a felony and not less.  When it has been deemed obvious by a Licensed Veterinarian that the animal indeed suffered due to being tortured or mutilated, then an appropriate and aggressive investigation, arrest, trial and conviction should be pursued.  Sentencing should be no less than 2 years.  

It is a known fact that a person who is capable of this kind of violence toward an animal, can and WILL do it to a human, without remorse.
Therefore it is imperative that the laws as well as the punishment for animal torture are revised to be more stringent in every state.   

This law would also include a "Mercy's Alert" which means any convicted animal abuser/killer who is out on bail, or has been released from prison, would be put into a database so that they can be tracked in the event another attack occurs within their vicinity. 

This will also provide shelter or rescue adoption facilities with important information as part of a background check should an attempt to adopt an animal occur.  It should also be made mandatory that City or State funded shelters perform a background check before adopting out any animal.  Most abusers seek out these kinds of shelters because currently they do not do background or reference check.

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