Keep Endangered Spider Monkeys Safe!

  • by: Paso Pacifico
  • target: Nicaraguan President of the Republic: Jose Daniel Ortega Saavedra
Spider monkeys are the most intelligent non-human primate in the new world tropics. These amazing animals are a treasure to our planet.

Sadly, the black-handed spider monkeys of Central America are threatened with extinction. In Nicaragua, a population that resides in the Paso del Istmo Biological Corridor are in particular danger due to forest destruction and hunting. Wildlife traffickers kill the adult female monkeys in order to kidnap the baby monkeys and sell them on the black market.

Local farmers are planting native trees to restore spider monkey habitat, but their efforts can only go so far. The government must intervene and provide on-site protection to prevent poaching of this charismatic species. Insist that President Jose Saavedra protect the endangered Spider Monkeys and make them a priority!
Dear President Jose Saavedra,

The endangered black handed spider monkeys is in grave danger. Your help is desperately needed to protect them from extinction.

The spider monkeys that live in the Paso del Istmo Biological Corridor receive support from local farmers who are working to restore and protect their habitat. But the local people do not have the power to stop wildlife traffickers from entering spider monkey territory and baby kidnapping monkeys to sell them for the illegal pet.

The spider monkeys need the law on their side in order to keep them around for decades to come. They are a treasured part of Nicaragua's natural heritage and they need help to be safe.

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You must use legal action to keep the spider-monkeys safe and prevent this beautiful species from becoming extinct!
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