Petition for a THQ launch of WWF Game for the Personal Computer Platform

This Petition basically entails that we the WWF Fans are sick and tired of no wrestling games on the PC Platform , there is much potential and we feel it will sell.
We the fans want a game that is either a direct port of a game mixed of WWF Raw and Wrestlemania X8 or we the fans want a game . This game we want to be made by the former employees or by AKI, we feel that the computer system is the perfect system for simulation and there is no other developer in the world that makes simulation wrestling games like the great folks at AKI.

There are many reasons they should make a pc game the sales they have many people to market by

- hardcore wrestling fans
- 3d gaming fans
- casual gaming fans
- any kind of wrestling fan.

Just look at the success of the latest games like Jedi Knight 2, The future gta3 pc and Freedom force, these are all games . Thq if you make a game we want this game highly customizable , skinable and moddable much like quake 3 arena is. We want this game to have and take adavantage of the Geforce 4 graphics hardware, and we want this game to offer us the best wrestling game experience ever, THQ if you do a great job just look what you could do with your other franchises.

Think about a bit THQ it is really, worth it , With authority was a big success and just look what you could do for this. THQ and The WWF have always been about the people, give the people what they want. I propose THQ you offically call this game WWF Royal Rumble , that could be your marketing selling point online 30 person royal rumble, Just look at it now, ThQ selling 2 million copies in a year, it can happen and will if you make this game for pc.


The Undersigned
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