MS: State Needs Tough Felony CTA Laws/Support HB 710 And HB 1291

  • by: Tasha Gerken
  • target:  Mary Ann Stevens, REP, House Judiciary Committee
  Please Help Pass Buddy's LawSince animals don't vote in most counties — though anything's possible in Noxubee, it seems — our four-legged friends don't have much power with legislation.And because most animal advocacy groups come across as total Fruit Loops, their barks are often ignored by our lawmakers.But our Legislators need to pay attention to a bill that would put more teeth in our existing animal cruelty laws. It's a good, sensible bill that reasonable people should support.There is a horrifying story on the Mississippi Press Association's Web site about a 16-month Labrador retriever who was found brutalized in Gautier this summer.The pup's eyes, mouth, throat and ears were glued together with PVC pipe glue.His hind legs were broken in several places. Buddy was eventually euthanized.Unfortunately, the perpetrator was not. Had he been caught, he would have faced a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $500 fine. That's not nearly harsh enough for a crime that serious.Sure, law enforcement agencies every where are overworked andunderstaffed, but getting people who abuse animals off the street could prevent more serious crimes in the future.Anyone who is depraved enough do something that inhumane to any living thing is a danger to all of society. People who run animal shelters say that kind of cruelty is not unusual.If that's the case, we need to let our lawmakers know that we ordinary folks support House Bill 710, which would make animal cruelty a felony.And while you're at it, tell them you support House Bill 1291, which would make police incident reports public.
These abusers deserve to be treated as if they tortured a child. Animals are not protected by the LAW. We need heavier penalties, high fines! No innocent being should be tortured or abused. These people need to be jailed! The most notorious animal abuser are serial killers. Examples, Dahmer/Bundy/Hillside strangler. Justice must be served. Justice must be jail time! Thank you! . Animals feel suffering, pain, emotions. No one has the right to abuse them. They are defenseless...give unconditional love and deserve the utmost respect. I have respect for all life and so should everyone else. We are not put here to torture, abuse, kill any being on this earth yet so many do to feel a false sense of power and because LAWS are not protecting the Innocent. Please, Please begging for justice!
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