Juan Castillo Pérez leaves dogs to hang from washing line, posts photos online! Sign for tougher laws now!

Juan Castillo Pérez perhaps never envisoned the fact that he will end up a celebrity, but his despicable Facebook photos could not have gone unnoticed. The disturbing pictures caught the attention of animal lovers and media outlets from all over the world and a campaign to bring this ruthless man to justice soon got underway. In spite of widespread condemnation, this lowlife from Mexico was never punished for his sick deeds. This petition aims to bring justice to all animals from Mexico by asking the central government to stop regarding attacks on animals as some sort of joke or minor offence and impose much stricter animal protection laws that will see true justice being achieved.

In the photo on the left, Pérez thought it would be a lovely idea to hang two dogs by their ears on a clothing line. He did not miss the opportunity to snap a few photos and post them online, pleased of what he had achieved. On his timeline he also posted pictures of two of his vicious dogs attacking a defenseless cat and ripping it apart; he also posted a photo of an iguana being skinned alive.

Outraged netizens tracked the man down and determined he lived in the city of San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla state, in Mexico. Despite numerous protests and pledges from local officials that justice will be achieved, none of this has happened. This man is still free to abuse animals as we speak. He shut down his Facebook and Twitter accounts at one point, but they are now re-opened at this point.

This case only comes to prove that animal mistreatment is not regarded as a serious offence in Mexico and this is extremely disappointing and frustrating, because these poor animals do not have a voice and rely on the good faith of humans to survive. But when humans do not act humanely, there is no secondary line of defense to help the animals. And this is where authorities must step in and impose tougher sanctions, to discourage abusers from carrying out these vile acts.

The animals mistreated by Pérez Castillo will never get the justice they deserved, much like thousands of innocent dogs and cats across Mexico. The country is in desperate need for reform: animals are constantly being mistreated for fun, money and fame; perpetrators get to walk free almost every time and activities such as dog fights are still widely spread.

Demand a crack down on this inhumane acts as soon as possible and ensure tougher animal protection laws are enforced all across Mexico!

Source: https://animalbusers.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/juan-castillo-perez-is-lowlife-that.html

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