Homeless Pet System Reform

We The People, Consider the current practice of Euthanizing Healthy Kittens, Cats Puppies and Dogs to be inhumane and the funding of Euthanization with tax dollars to be a gross misuse of public funds and should therefore be made illegal.

Dear White House Cabinet,%uFFFD

We the Undersigned, find it important that The White House understands our request regarding:

Homeless Pet System Reform

1. We ARE against mass termination techniques, such as gas domes and chambers and the practice of gassing homeless kittens, cats, puppies and dogs in the masses.

2. We ARE NOT against euthanization as an act of mercy for terminally ill pets however, when the term is used accordingly with its webster's definition as its done individually with tender care.



5. We the people are grieved and find it very disturbing to our souls that healthy & adoptable kittens, cats, puppies and dogs are being sentenced to death into a gassing dome.

6. The worst part about this that our taxes are funding gas chambers, we the people are funding the gas, as the county workers are funded likewise? Most citizens are unaware that they are funding this by tax funds.

7. We believe with every atom of our beings that this be outlawed as this method is so heart wrenching. How is it that our hard earn dollars then pay workers to place kittens, cats, puppies and dogs who are healthy and adoptable in it?

8. We the citizens of America find no other alternative but ask that all gas chambers be legally shut down and the department of agriculture submit us a list of all state by state gas chambers.

We the people have gathered some alternative intelligent solutions in saving the homeless pet population and ask you help us initiate a reform forum to discuss the current problem and alternative solutions among NPOs, Governing Officials, & Humane Society County Workers in the capital of each state.

First, we would like to see that our country MANDATES STERLIZATION as a law to all unwanted homeless kittens, cats, puppies and dogs.%uFFFD

Second, we the people would like our government to support a state by state unity relief effort in which our state governments have open forum meetings to organize and leverage the efforts and resources of like minded organizations, corporations, and animal lovers to produce an intelligent alternative to the wrongful termination/ the often misused term, known as euthanization of homeless pets.

In these discussion forums of America's skilled Humane Society workers to participate in advancing a expansion of outdoor structures with at least five per county, instead of one indoor structure per county with very limited occupancy as where the pets are in mental torment as they slowly become sadly instutionalized in a cage like prison.

To demise a profound solution that enables the funding of county run "humane societies" and private shelters to provide adequate provisions and shelter for all healthy adoptable rescue animals.

Thus imploring the government to implement legislature ending the unnecessary destruction of healthy adoptable companion animal

The Mission of the FORUM shall be to:

Promote awareness for proposed legislation to end the current practice of euthanizing America's homeless pet population.

Petition for a greater reform with the collection of more signatures on a US government sponsored site against the euthanization of healthy adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

Utilize the combined knowledge of more efficient systems and smarter facilities to resolve the "root problem" in our current system.

Utilize and combined the systems into our public education recess grounds with smarter facilities, class participation, class assignments, class education, in learning to resolve the "root problem" per school district radius.

With the help of our humane societies government paid workers to oversee the indoor/outdoor facilities while develop and implement a teaching system in training and educating the children Mandate sterilization of all adopted pets to prevent future offspring.

Negotiate discounted veterinary care for adopted pets at participating clinics.

Continually support the vision by amassing an income stream for homeless animal adoption service.

"An Economical solution"

We the People Believe in the Power of Life to Further Our Economy.

As you know, the pet industry is a very large industry here in America. We the People, find the root problem here is a lack of organization.%uFFFD

An analogy that may compare to this is having one elementary school per county to fit all ages of children. Imagine the chaos to be similar to our governing pet system.

This is a poverty paradigm to kill the homeless pet population as an "economical solution",we the people strongly disagree as the promotion of "pet life" will believe further prosperous pet industry economy.

Per the more pets that find homes, the more goods that are purchased thus bringing our economy into prosperity. Life is the essence of an economical structure, death devaluates a economy.

We the People strongly disagree and feel a moral obligation to see an outdoor expansion in our country concerning the homeless and adoptable pet population that is being destroyed through our systems solutions.

WE THE PEOPLE, believe there is an intelligent solution, by far there is.

Implementing an economic structure that would aid in the humane society expansion: 1. A pet product tax increase to be increased strictly on all pet product goods to fuel the humane society outdoor expansion. 2. Providing greater tax relief and tax shelters to pet businesses to stabilize the economy.

The problem is no one has ever thought outside of the - laziness, poverish, mentality paradigm to our resources in the United States of America.

We are concerned

We are concerned, as ashamed of ourselves as we are civilized and are displaying a very poor moral example as to what we teaching our children??

We are shocked and dismayed that this practice is even accepted in America. We are teaching them to commit genocide as an over population solution?%uFFFD

We have built massive skyscrapers and empires in our beautiful America, but we lack to solve a minor problem, of overpopulation of healthy & domesticated cats and dogs? Are we forced kill them?Come on now. Come on we are choosing destruction. This logic is a poverish, selfish and uneducative logic. Though we are told it is humane, it is just an illusion we tell ourselves if the animal is healthy, lovable, adoptable and homeless. If the pet is not terminally ill, it is an act of killing as defined by any dictionary.

We believe that you have been divinely been placed in this position under the unction of a divine authority. We the people, question what are we teaching our children as to our governing system? Participate in our endeavor as University Graduates to perfect our pet system.%uFFFD

We live in a highly civilized and bright nation; we are an intelligent people here.We the people demand homeless pet population reform as finding the destruction that lays waste at noonday at our local humane societies quite disturbing.

When WE SAY destruction, we are refer to the healthy and adoptable kittens, cats, puppies and dogs that are being stacked in the masses dead on a truck to a crematory. This slaying of man's best friend is of innocent lives that WE THE PEOPLE believe is because of our systems lack of knowledge and failure to coordinate a system that promotes life rather than death.

Respectfully Yours,

We the Undersigned (Your Signature Will Be Included Here).


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