To my fellow citizens

In Trump's inaugural address he said, "What truly matters is not what party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people". He was totally correct.
Sadly, our government is not controlled by the people.

We, The People, need to regain control of our government. Here is a plan to do that.

First, we need to make it unequivocally clear that the majority of The People agree that our political system and electoral process is dysfunctional to the point that our government no longer has legitimate authority. We can accomplish this by exercising our first amendment right "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" by signing a series of open letters ( all elected representatives, the attorney general and all appointed members of the judiciary in the USA 2. to President Trump 3. to our fellow citizens) requesting new clean and fair elections for all elected offices in both state and federal levels with unquestionably verifiable results using hand-counted paper ballots by a specific date yet to be determined.

Secondly, we must create a new political party, a Reform Party. The party platform must be crafted to reform the existing causes of our political dysfunction. The following principles should be the pillars of that platform.

- passage of The American Anti-Corruption Act (or something similar) that will:
1. remove corruptive money from our campaign and electoral processes
2. prohibit the legalized bribery practice known as lobbying
3. close the revolving doors between industries and state
- amend The Constitution to;
1. create a constitutional right to vote
2. ensure that spending money to buy political favor can never again be construed as free speech
3. ensure that protections established through the Bill of Rights only apply to humans, never again to be usurped by corporations.
- abolish the electoral college

Thirdly, we will break the chains of the two-party system by changing our party affiliations and by voting only for Reform Party candidates who will legislate and institute the reforms outlined in the party platform.

After these primary matters of business are concluded and the world's first modern democracy is restored to a government Of, By and For The People, we can create the policies and legislate law that serves justice for all in place of laws serve the interests of the few and create injustice for too many.

Objectives: While it is doubtful that we'll get clean verifiable elections for all elected offices in both state and federal positions we may achieve other objective that include, but are not limited to;

1. To bring the public's attention to the fact that elections have been stolen.

2. To promote the common sense solutions that can fix our broken political system

3. To gain control of The House of Representatives by true representatives of The People and thereby control the legislative agenda

Annotations to The Peoples Plan to Renew America

1. a) The government of the USA is not controlled by The People - Considering that Congressional approval ratings are at historic lows and we now have a President with unprecedentedly low approval ratings and more people protested the establishment of the new administration than attended the would think that the government not being controlled by the people is self evident.
---references include;

1.b) The government no longer has legitimate authority - Going back to the 2000 Bush v Gore presidential contest, it was proven the Gore had more votes than Bush in Florida despite the Catherine Harris administered purge of eligible voters leading to the Supreme Court's decision to thwart the will of The People and grant the office of Presidency to GW Bush. Since that time the Supreme Court then continued to subvert democracy through the Citizen's United Ruling and by invalidating portions of The Voting Rights Act. Meanwhile the Republicans successfully implemented a series of voter suppression tactics in states they controlled. In addition to those injustices are unverifiable, easily hackable voting machines some of which had their security systems deactivated and the Interstate Crosscheck voter purging system uncovered by investigative journalist Greg Palast. It should also be noted that corporate media seems complicit in electoral fraud for it's refusal to air the scandal of the Interstate Crosscheck voter purge and for giving candidate Trump an effective inordinate amount coverage while marginalizing important issues and other candidate, most notably Bernie Sanders.
---references include;
The Stanford Paper
Alternative story on the Stanford Paper
The Harvard report showing Bernie was probably cheated from the nomination

2. Creating the Reform Party;
Rather than starting a new political party from scratch is our hope that the Green Party ( should volunteer it’s organizational infrastructure to be utilized and reformed into the Reform Party with support from Our Revolution (, The Congressional Progressive Caucus ( and others. Supporters of The People’s Plan should contact these organization and ask them to participate in our efforts.

The Party Platform is a combination of existing efforts promoted by the following organizations;
The American Anti-Corruption Act -
Represent Us -
Move To Amend - does not yet include a right to vote
National Popular Vote -

Addition reference regarding revolving doors between industries and government visit
Open Secrets -

Additional notes:
Supporters of The People’s Plan should be prepared for a media blackout. Corporate media will refuse any mention of this movement. It is possible that the government will censor attempts to disseminate information concerning these efforts. Before leaving office on Christmas Eve, President Obama signed into law the Anti-Propaganda Act that was slipped into the National Defense Authorization Act and could easily be used to shut down websites and media sources that the present administration deems subversive to national interests.

Supporters of The People’s Plan should therefore print copies of the plan, associated petitions and related materials. Share these materials at your discretion.

More protests of the Trump administration and Congressional actions are sure to ensure. These events are excellent opportunities to share the Plan

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