Stop the Construction of the Belo Monte Dam!

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  • target: Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil
The Bela Monte dam, currently under construction on the Xingu River in the Amazon rainforest, is set to be one of the third largest dams in the world. However, thorough research has estimated that this dam will be one of the most inefficient dams in history!

This project will flood the homes of over 20,000 indigenous people, leaving them with no place to live. And, if things weren't bad enough, the Brazilian government has officially ignored the protests of the citizens, ruling that indegenous peoples do not have the right to prior consultation on the Belo Monte dam. This is ruling is outrageous and unfair to the thousands of people who will be affected by this project.

Activists like David de Rothschild are proceding with demonstrations to protest this useless dam. Join him as well as others and lend a voice to the citzens of Brazil. Tell the Brazilian government: Stop the construction of the Bela Monte dam as soon as possible!
Dear Mauro Vieira, Ambassador to the U.S. Brazilian Embassy,

The construction Bela Monte dam will inevitably do more harm than good for Brazil. The amount of energy generated from this dam can be easily matched and surpassed by simply promoting and implementing energy efficiency in Brazil.

In addition, the construction of the dam will displace more than 20,000 people, leaving them homeless. It will also flood 668 square kilometers of land, most of which will include forest. The construction of the dam will not even create enough jobs for the amount of people it will attract and may eventually cause social unrest among indigenous communities.

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The construction of this dam will essentially destroy Brazilian communities, both physically damaging their property and also damaging their spirit. The Bela Monte dam is simply not worth the time and destruction it will cause. I urge you to tell President Dilma Rousseff to stop the construction of this controversial dam as soon as possible.
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