Public Seeks Felony Charges for Heinous Act of Skinning Dog Alive

Dee Green had just arrived home from work last week when she heard Missy barking. She found her under the carport with her skin hanging off.  Read the full story by following this link:

This petition is directed to, and will be sent to the following:

Governor Mike Beebe
State Capitol, Room 250, Little Rock, AR 72201 | 501-682-2345

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel
323 Center Street, Suite 200,, Little Rock, AR 72201 | 1-800-482-8982

There are far too many Legislators to write to individually, but here is the link to them:  Representatives Besides this petition, please write to them and let them know it's time to implement laws against animal cruelty, and that acts such as this will be a felony and the consequences will be severe.

Imagine this happening to one of your beloved pets.  Would you be satisfied with misdemeanor charges?  This is what your County currently sees animal cruelty as.   This must change!

This crime should be nothing short of a felony.  Even one of your sheriff's made this comment:Saline County Sheriff Phil Mask says, "It behooves me that this is only a misdemeanor crime. This needs to be a felony charge for what that did to this poor dog."

In reviewing the Laws regarding animals in your County, there are no laws that actually protects an animal from abuse or cruelty.

Perhaps this will now prompt Saline County to do something to change the laws to include protecting the welfare of animals?  It's long overdue!

We realize the person or persons responsible have not been found yet, but it is our hope that the Sheriff's Dept. is agressively investigating this crime, and that an arrest will be made soon. Once apprehended, we ask that FELONY charges be filed against the sick, twisted indivudual(s) that did this.  

It is up to the County of Saline, and the State of ARkansas to set an example that this kind of criminal behavior will not be tolerated, and that someone MUST be held accountable!

This is a dangerous person (or persons) you have running around your county and who knows who the next target will be. This person needs to be found and taken off your streets.Below is a follow up of this case and the reaction of people from around the world. 
A follow up article:Dog Skinned Alive Gets World Attention

We first showed you last week the pictures of 7-year-old Missy, skinned alive in Benton. In the days that followed, we received almost 50 e-mails from all over the country. On the Topix website, there's a blog with more than 500 messages from across the world.

One is from Elizabeth Gunn of Little Rock.

"We are way behind, and I think that people are finally realizing that and maybe getting motivated to get up and do something," she says.
Each message is filled with disgust over the heinous crime, and each one demands police find whoever is responsible and arrest them.

Saline County Sheriff Phil Mask says, "It behooves me that this is only a misdemeanor crime. This needs to be a felony charge for what that did to this poor dog."

Sheri J. from Minneapolis says, "We are all feeling so helpless here, wringing our hands, feeling horrible at what has happened."
Janelle in Chicago writes, "For the sake of all animals. No animal/pet needs to ever go through this kind of torture. I speak for those who do not have a voice!!"

Dee Green owned Missy, but the entire Shaw Community loved her. Victor Smith says he fed Missy when she came around. "Anybody that would do that to an animal could just as easily do it to a kid because they don't of a heart of any kind," explains Smith.

Friday night, Smith hung up flyers around Saline County asking for any information. %u201CMaybe someone will recognize her and they might even turn them in you know? That's what we're hoping for," he says.
The reward started out at $1,500, but in just seven days, it's jumped to nearly $5,000. The goal is to reach $8,000 by this weekend.

Concerned animal lovers say it's the least they can do for the dog the vet couldn't save because of the torture she endured. There are no suspects.
State police have been called into investigate.

You can donate to the Missy's Fund at any Bank of America. If you have information on this crime, you're asked to contact the Saline County Sherriff's Department at 501-303-5608.The crime is punishable with a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail.
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