• by: Sean Genoff
  • recipient: The Florida Fish And Wildlife Commission, Governor Rick Scott

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission recently proposed & are less than 1 week away from approving legal hunting of the Florida Black Bear (once endangered & protected umbrella species-meaning many & varied other subspecies are dependent on its survival). They claim hunting is the only solution to population control.  They ignored phone calls & emails that urged not to go through with the proposal ("against" outnumbered "for").  All Commissioners are avid hunters & most are involved in business that profit from urban spread/growth- The Real Problemdisappearing natural wildlife habitats & travel corridors. Conflict of interest?

Bears, naturally shy, eat a mostly vegetarian diet & pose little threat to humans & livestock. Nearly all human conflicts are a result of lazy & careless people, who leave out food & unsecured trash. Co-existence depends on taking simple steps that are proven & effective solutions. Common sense says, "get rid of the trash ,not the bears!"

If population control is legit concern, then why not (?)implement PZP, an effective, humane & safe birth control alternative - suggested by the U.S. Humane Society.  Ask the residents of Fire Island (Long Island), N.Y. who peacefully resolved their conflict w/deer dining on their flower & vegetable gardens).

Unless stopped, the commissioners will finalize their decision on June 24th! If not- no one, not even the Governor, can reverse it! Tell the commissioners to do their job - Act in the best interest (safety & protection) of All - Man, Wildlife and the Environment!  Please, sign the petition TODAY, before it is too late!

Thank you, on behalf of Florida Black Bears & Bears Everywhere,
Sean Genoff
Sarasota, Florida

Bear cubs are dependent on their mothers for two years or more! Without maternal guidance & protection, orphaned Cubs often starve to death! It's difficult, if not impossible for a hunter to tell the difference between a male and a female (mother) bear. Shockingly, the proposal also includes the killing of Cubs more than 1 yr./100lbs Now, how's that for sport! Hunting Bears is just that- a sport- for trophy!  Black bears don't eat people & few people eat bears. They're killed for pure enjoyment, bragging rights...After 25 years of protection, in an instant, the important and majestic Bear's life is reduced to a souvenir...maybe his head will hang on a wall, his teeth will hang from a keychain or his fur will get thrown down as a rug! Or worse their body parts will be sold on the black market! Please, stop this senseless slaughter by showing you care about the fate of Florida's Black Bear-  even, if, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission doesn't!  Sign the petition now & make it your mission to to give a voice to those, who don't have one, by telling as many people you know, who also CARE! Thanks again!

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